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The year 1993 was the first year of existence for Magic: The Gathering.[1]


Date Event
Early 1993 Wizards of the Coast settles a lawsuit about the unauthorized use of the Role Playing Game The Primal Order by paying an undisclosed sum to Palladium Books [2]
Meanwhile, founder Peter Adkison is working to publish an affordable collectible card game designed by Richard Garfield that will have little set-up and short games.[3]
April 18 WotC hosts an art show and open house at their offices. This is the first public introduction to Magic.[4]
July 1–4 At the Origins Game Fair convention in Ft. Worth, Texas, WotC gives demonstrations of Magic at their booth and the open gaming area.
Although no product is available for sale, pre-orders for Magic in the first hour outsell the rest of WotC's product line.[5]
August 2–16 (approx.) Peter Adkison and his wife Cathleen give demonstrations of Magic during a promo tour to various game stores in Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado.[6]
August 19–22 At the GenCon convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Magic (Alpha) is released to the public. The response at the convention is overwhelming.
September 10 millionth card made.
October 4 Shortly after Alpha has sold out, the slightly edited and edited Beta edition is released. It also sells out quickly.
Late November Richard Garfield proposes to his girlfriend Lily Wu, using a specially made Magic card.
December 1 Release of the first white bordered set, the Unlimited edition.
December 10 Release of the Collectors' Edition.
December 17 Release of Arabian Nights. This is the first expansion set, consisting of new cards rather than reprints. It sells out instantaneously.

First involved[]

Wizards of the Coast[]

Design and Development[]

The Duelist[]

  • Kathryn Haines, managing editor
  • Paul Hughes, associate Editor
  • Amy Weber, Art Director