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The year 1994 was the second year of existence for Magic: The Gathering.


Date Event
Early 1994 Carta Mundi presents Peter Adkison with a box of about 200 poker decks with regular Magic card backs.
January Second print run of Arabian Nights, fixing some printing issues and leaving out the Mountain
January Creation of the Duelists' Convocation.
January First issue of The Duelist.
March Wizards of the Coast outgrows Adkison's basement.
March 4 Release of the first bottom-up designed expansion: Antiquities, which has an artifact theme.
Early April Release of the Revised Edition. First changes to the Core Set.
May Rumors abound about an ultra rare card: Throat Wolf
May / June First Nationals in France, Belgium and the United States.
June 10 Release of Legends, introducing multicolored cards and legendary permanents.
July July 1994, visitors of Dragon Con are given a postcard voucher which could redeemed for a Nalathni Dragon, the first promotional card.
Summer A supposedly fixed version of the Revised Edition, code-named "Edgar" is recalled due to more mistakes. Some boxes get out.
Summer Cease and Desist order of Wizards of the Coast against the producer of Middle Ages, an unofficial set
August At the Origins Game Fair convention, WotC wins awards from the The Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) for Magic: The Gathering and Legends.
August 8 Release of The Dark. First expansion that was simultaneously released in a foreign language (Italian).
August 18–21 GenCon convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
November 15 Release of Fallen Empires. The first set to be overprinted.
December Black Lotus reaches $50 on secondary market.


First involved[]

Wizards of the Coast[]

Design and Development[]

The Duelist[]


  • Antiquities
  • Legends
    • Anthony Waters
    • Bryon Wackwitz
    • Edward Beard Jr.
    • Harold McNeill
    • Heather Hudson
    • Liz Danforth
    • Mike Kimble
    • Nicola Leonard
    • Richard Kane Ferguson
    • Scott Kirschner
  • The Dark
    • Dennis Detwiller
  • Dragon Con media insert
  • Fallen Empires
    • Pat Morrissey