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The year 1995 was the third year of existence for Magic: The Gathering.

Events[ | ]

Date Event
Early 1995 Printing of the Alternate Fourth Edition by the United States Playing Card Corporation in Cincinnati. Due to a dispute, the cards were never officially published.
January 10 Creation of the Standard format (then called "Type 2")
February Black Lotus reaches $100 on the secondary market.
Spring First official binder for Magic cards published by Wizards of the Coast
April First Prerelease.
April Release of Fourth Edition.
  • Published in English, French, German, Italian, and as a first in Japanese, traditional Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese (for the Brazilian market)
  • Afraid of main stream criticism, “demonic” references were removed from the game.
  • The reprinting of scarce cards devalued them on the secondary market, causing protests.
April First issue of InQuest, a magazine dedicated to Trading Card Games.
April Black Lotus reaches $200 on secondary market.
May First regionals in the US, start of the rise of Mark Justice and Henry Stern.
June 2–4 The first prerelease for an expansion, a single event in Toronto, Canada. Won by Dave Humpherys.
Early June Release of Ice Age, the first standalone set.
July Release of Chronicles, a "best of 1994" extension of the Fourth Edition. Later to be considered a failed experiment.
  • More devaluation of cards on the secondary market, followed by a huge outcry of collectors.
July First printing of a Magic comic: The Shadow Mage
August Release of Renaissance, a black-bordered reprint set for the German, French, and Italian markets.
August 5–7 1995 World Championships in Seattle, USA. Won by {CHE} Alexander Blumke.
  • Team champions: {USA} United States of America.
September Black Lotus reaches $300 on secondary market.
September Magic's first price increase.
September Separation of Type 1 and Type 2 formats (now known as Vintage and Standard).
October Start of The Dojo, a website dedicated to Magic.
October 14 First release events, called Magic: The Gathering I in New York City, Essen (Germany) and other locations.
October 14 Release of Homelands, a flavor driven set. Purportedly, the worst designed set ever.[1]
October Billionth Magic card released.
November Wizards of the Coast moves to Renton office.
December Wizards of the Coast close their roleplaying game product line.
December DCI gets its 1,000th member.

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