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The 1995 World Championships for Magic: The Gathering, the second Magic World Championship, were held on 4–6 August at the Red Lion Inn Seattle Airport Hotel in Seattle, USA between August 5–7 1995.


This was the first World Championship that was invite-only, and the first that included a team portion. It was a three-day tournament featuring 71 players from 19 countries. The players played ten rounds – five rounds of Sealed deck and five rounds of Standard – where points were awarded for each game win rather than match win.[1] This was also the first tournament where players weren't allowed to change their Constructed deck between the Swiss rounds and the elimination rounds.[2] In the final, the relatively unheralded Swiss player, Alexander Blumke, defeated France's Marc Hernandez 3–2.

Finishing order[]

  1. {CHE} Alexander Blumke
  2. {FRA} Marc Hernandez
  3. {USA} Mark Justice
  4. {USA} Henry Stern
  5. {ITA} Ivan Curina
  6. {ITA} Andrea Redi
  7. {FIN} Henri Schildt
  8. {AUT} Mu Luen Wang


Team World Championship[]

The Team World Championship ended as follows:

  1. {USA} United States – Mark Justice, Henry Stern, Peter Leiher, Mike Long
  2. {FIN} Finland – Rosendahl, Henry Schildt, Kimmo Hovi, Punakallio
  3. {AUS} Australia – Glen Shanley, Chris Hudson, Russell, Liew
  4. {FRA} France – Marc Hernandez, Moulin, Woirgard, Lebas


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