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The year 1996 was the fourth year of existence for Magic: The Gathering.

Events[edit | edit source]

Date Event
February 16–18 First Pro Tour held in New York City. Won by {USA} Michael Loconto.
March 4 First publishing of the Reserved List.
April 13 Opening of the Wizards of the Coast Official Tournament Center.
May Release of the Pro Tour Collector Set.
May 5–7 Pro Tour Los Angeles, won by {USA} Shawn "Hammer" Reigner
June 5 First mentioning of Gleemax, the brain behind R&D.
June Release of Alliances, after an expansion hiatus of eight months.
June Release of the Rivals Quick Start Set, the first box set with preconstructed theme decks.
Summer Black Summer, dominated by Necropotence-based decks and anti-Necropotence decks like Turbo Stasis.
July 4 Debute of the Arena League
July 6–7 Pro Tour Columbus, won by {SWE} Olle Råde
July First issue of the Sideboard magazine
August 14–18 1996 World Championships in Seattle, won by {AUS} Tom Chanpheng.
  • Team champions: {USA} United States of America.
September 13–15 Pro Tour Atlanta (Season 1996-1997), won by {DEU} Frank Adler.
October 7 Release of Mirage, the first set in the new block model.
November Release of the Multiverse Gift Box, previewing Visions
November 22–24 Pro Tour Dallas, won by {CAN} Paul McCabe.
End of 1996 Release of the Introductory Two-Player Set for European and Asian markets.
December DCI gets 100,000th member.
Player of the Year: {SWE} Olle Råde

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