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The 1996 World Championships' for Magic: The Gathering were held on 14–18 August at the Wizards of the Coast headquarters in Seattle, USA. It was the third Magic World Championship.


This was the first World Championship after the birth of the Pro Tour, and it was the event that concluded the Pro Tour season. 125 players competed, and the tournament featured three formats: Booster Draft, Standard, and Legacy. In the final, once again a relatively unknown player prevailed, with Australia's Tom Chanpheng taking down the widely considered 'best in the world' at the time, Mark Justice.[1] Chanpheng's win was commemorated with a unique card, 1996 World Champion.[2]

(1) Olle Råde Olle Råde
Mark Justice
Tom Chanpheng
(8) Tommi Hovi
(5) Mark Justice Mark Justice
(4) Scott Johns
(6) Tom Chanpheng Tom Chanpheng
Tom Chanpheng
(3) Matt Place
(2) Henry Stern Henry Stern
(7) Eric Tam

Finishing order[]

1996 World Champion.jpg
  1. {AUS} Tom Chanpheng
  2. {USA} Mark Justice
  3. {USA} Henry Stern
  4. {SWE} Olle Råde
  5. {USA} Matt Place
  6. {USA} Scott Johns
  7. {CAN} Eric Tam
  8. {FIN} Tommi Hovi

Winning deck[]

Tom Chanpheng - 1996 World Championship

Of interesting note is that Chanpeng's winning deck included no sources of blue mana, though it included Sleight of Mind. This stems from an error in his submitted decklist. He was forced to use plains in lieu of the 4 Adarkar Wastes he had planned to include.

Team World Championship[]

The results of the Team World Championship were:

  1. {USA} United States – Dennis Bentley, George Baxter, Mike Long, Matt Place
  2. {CZE} Czech Republic – David Korejtko, Jakub Slemr, Ondrej Baudys, Lucas Kocourek


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