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The year 1998 was the sixth year of existence for Magic: The Gathering.


Date Event
First Judge Gift cards.
Early 1998 Release of the alternate art APAC land promotional cards.
January, 29 - February, 2 Duelist Invitational in Rio de Janeiro. Won by Darwin Kastle.
Winter Second release of Vanguard cards in the Arena League.
February Re-release of the Microprose computergame in a special edition named Duels of the Planeswalkers.
March, 2 Release of Stronghold.
March Start of the Gerrard's Quest comic series published by Dark Horse Comics.
March, 6-8 Pro Tour Los Angeles, won by David Price.
April, 17-19 Pro Tour New York, won by Jon Finkel.
May, 18 First opening of a Wizards of the Coast game store.
June, 15 Release of Exodus, first set to use color-coding of the expansion symbol to indicate the rarity of the cards.
June, 24 Release of Portal Second Age, another attempt to make a simplified Magic set for beginners.
  • First and only depiction of firearms on Magic art.
July PGI Limited, maker of the Havic: The Bothering parody set, banned from attending GenCon.
August Release of a poker deck box by Wizards of the Coast.
August, 11 Release of Unglued, the first supplemental set to be used outside of normal Magic.
August, 12-16 1998 World Championships in Seattle. Winner is Brian Selden.
  • Team champions: United States of America.
Autumn Third release of Vanguard cards in the Arena League.
September, 25-27 Pro Tour Chicago, won by Dirk Baberowski.
September, 26 Prerelease events for Urza's Saga, featuring the first release of a foil card (Lightning Dragon).
October, 12 Release of Urza's Saga, the first set to replace 60-card starter decks with 75-card tournament decks.
Winter Combo Winter, too many overpowered cards and combos fill the tournament formats.
November Release of the Anthologies box set, celebrating the fifth anniversary of Magic.
November, 13-15 Pro Tour Rome, won by Tommi Hovi.
December The DCI bans a large amount of cards.
December Release of the 1998 World Championship Decks.
Player of the Year: Jon Finkel.
Rookie of the Year: Randy Buehler.


First involved[]

Wizards of the Coast[]


  • Keith Parkinson
  • M.W. Kaluta
  • Mark Zug
  • Michael Sutfin

Portal Second Age

  • Cris Dornaus
  • David Horne
  • Henry van der Linde
  • Jeffrey R. Busch
  • Lubov
  • Matt Stawicki
  • Michael Weaver
  • Sam Wood



Urza's Saga

  • Andrew Goldhawk
  • Berry
  • Brian Despain
  • Carl Critchlow
  • Christopher Moeller
  • Greg Staples
  • Henry G. Higgenbotham
  • Mark Nelson
  • Robh Ruppel
  • Ron Spears
  • Steve Firchow
  • Tom Fleming
  • Vincent Evans