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The year 1999 was the seventh year of existence for Magic: The Gathering.


Date Event
Winter Continuation of Combo Winter, players leaving the game in droves.
February, 4 - 7 Duelist Invitational in Barcelona. Won by Mike Long.
February, 15 Release of Urza's Legacy.
February, 26-28 Pro Tour Los Angeles, won by Steven O'Mahoney-Schwartz
Mid March Emergency banning of Memory Jar.
Spring Fourth release of Vanguard cards in the Arena League.
April, 28 Release of the Sixth Edition core set, also known as Classic.
April 30 - May, 2 Pro Tour New York, won by Casey McCarrel
May Release of Portal Three Kingdoms, specifically designed for the Asian market.
June, 7 Release of Urza's Destiny, the only expansion set after Arabian Nights to be designed by only one man.
July, 12 Release of Starter, the next attempt, after the Portal series, to ease new players into the game.
August, 4-8 1999 World Championships in Tokyo, won by Kai Budde.
  • Team champions: United States of America.
September, 3-5 Pro Tour Washington D.C., won by team Your Move Games: Rob Dougherty, Dave Humpherys and Darwin Kastle.
September Peter Adkison sells Wizards of the Coast to Hasbro.
September Demise of The Duelist, replaced by TopDeck.
October, 4 Release of Mercadian Masques. Toned down power level.
Late 1999 Launch of the Magic: The Gathering Interactive Encyclopedia.
October, 15-17 Pro Tour London, won by Kyle Rose.
November 12, 1999. Release of the Battle Royale compilation box set, aimed to introduce players to multiplayer game play.
December, 3-5 Pro Tour Chicago, won by Bob Maher, Jr..
December Release of the 1999 World Championship Decks.
Player of the Year: Kai Budde
Rookie of the Year: Dirk Baberowski


First involved[]

Wizards of the Coast[]



Urza's Legacy
  • Bradley Williams
  • Don Hazeltine
  • Mark Brill
  • Todd Lockwood

Portal Three Kingdoms

  • Al Desheng
  • Cai Tingting
  • Chen Weidong
  • Ding Songjian
  • Fang Yue
  • Gao Jianzhang
  • Gao Yan
  • He Jiancheng
  • Hong Yan
  • Huang Qishi
  • Jack Wei
  • Ji Yong
  • Jiaming
  • Jian Zhuqing
  • Junich Inoue
  • Junko Taguchi
  • Kang Yu
  • Koji
  • Ku Xueming
  • Kuang Sheng
  • LHQ
  • Li Tie
  • Li Wang
  • Li Xiaohua
  • Li Youliang
  • Li Yousong
  • Lie Tiu
  • Lin Yan
  • Liu Jianjian
  • Liu Shangying
  • Miao Aili
  • Mitsuaki Sagiri
  • Qi Baocheng
  • Qiao Dafu
  • Qin Jun
  • Qu Xin
  • Quang Xuejun
  • Shang Huitong
  • Solomon Au Yeung
  • Song Shikai
  • Sun Nan
  • Tang Xiaogu
  • Wang Feng
  • Wang Yuqun
  • Wang Chiuxiong
  • Xu Tan
  • Xu Xiaoming
  • Yang Guangmai
  • Yang Hong
  • Yang Yun Kwon
  • Zhang Jhiazhen
  • Zhao Dafu
  • Zhao Tan

Urza's Destiny

  • Greg Hildebrandt
  • John Zeleznik
  • Marc Fishman
  • Patrick Ho
  • Ray Lago
  • Tim Hildebrandt

Mercadian Masques

  • Arnie Swekel
  • Ben Thompson
  • Clyde Caldwell
  • Dana Knutson
  • Daniel R. Horne
  • Dany Orizio
  • Dave Dorman
  • David Martin
  • David Monette
  • Frank Kelly Freas
  • Fred Fields
  • Gary Ruddell
  • Glen Angus
  • Jeff Easly
  • Kevin Murphy
  • Luca Zontini
  • Mark Romanoski
  • Massimilano Frezzato
  • Matt Cavotta
  • Mike Ploog
  • Nelson DeCastro
  • Scott Bailey
  • Sean McConnell
  • Tony Szczudlo