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The 2001 World Championship was held from August 8–12 2001 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center in Toronto, Canada; Tom van de Logt from the Netherlands came out as the new world champion, garnering a prize of US$35,000 for his victory (as well as another US$1,000 for the success of the Dutch team he was part of).

Finishing order[]

(1) Antoine Ruel Antoine Ruel
Tom van de Logt
Tom van de Logt
(8) Tommi Hovi
(4) Tom van de Logt Tom Van de Logt
(via DQ)
(5) David Williams
(2) Alex Borteh Alex Borteh
Alex Borteh
(7) Jan Tomcani
(3) Andrea Santin Andrea Santin
(6) Michael Turian
  1. Tom Van de Logt (Netherlands) $36,000
  2. Alex Borteh (USA) $23,000
  3. Antoine Ruel (France) $15,000
  4. Andrea Santin (Italy) $13,000
  5. Michael Turian (USA) $9,500
  6. Jan Tomcani (Slovak Republic) $9,500
  7. Tommi Hovi (Finland) $7,500
  8. John Ormerod (England) $6,500 1

1 David Williams was disqualified in the quarter-finals of the Top 8 elimination, so John Ormerod from England became the official the 8th-place finisher of record.

Winning deck[]

Tom van de Logt - 2001 World Championship

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