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The year 2002 was the tenth year of existence for Magic: The Gathering.


Date Event
January, 2 First Magic Arcana published on
January, 11-13 Pro Tour San Diego, won by Farid Meraghni.
January, 16 Launch of the first You Make the Card.
February, 8 Release of Torment (a.k.a. "the black set").
March, 15-17 Pro Tour Osaka. Won by Ken Ho.
April, 9 Card list for Judgment accidentally released through MTGO and immediately spoiled on MTGNews.
May, 3-5 Pro Tour Nice. Won by Eivind Nitter.
May, 27 Release of Judgment.
  • Green- and white-heavy, to counterbalance Torment.
June, 24 Launch of Magic Online
July Randy Buehler promoted to Director of Magic R&D.
July, 19 Update of the Reserved List.
  • Commons and uncommons from Alpha removed from the list.
August, 8-12 2002 World Championships in Sydney, Australia, won by Carlos Romão.
  • Team champions: Germany (first win for a non-North American team).
September, 27-29 Pro Tour Boston, won by team Phoenix Foundation (Kai Budde, Dirk Baberowski and Marco Blume).
October, 7 Release of Onslaught.
October, 18-20 Magic Invitational in Seattle, Washington, USA. Won by {SWE} Jens Thoren.
  • Played on Magic Online.
November, 8-10 Pro Tour Houston, won by Justin Gary.
December Release of the 2002 World Championship Decks.
December, 31 End of support for Magic: The Gathering Interactive Encyclopedia
Player of the Year: Kai Budde
Rookie of the Year: Farid Meraghni


First involved[]

Wizards of the Coast[]




  • Fred Rahmqvist
  • Matthew Mitchell


  • Corey D. Macourek
  • Iain McCaig
  • Matt Thompson
  • Trevor Hairsine