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The 2003 World Championships were held from August 6–10, 2003 at the Estrel Hotel in Berlin, Germany. German player Daniel Zink managed to emerge as the new world champion, beating Japan's Jin Okamoto 3–0 in the finals and taking home US$35,000 in the process. The total prize money awarded to the top 64 finishers was US$208,130.

Finishing order[]

  1. Daniel Zink (Germany)
  2. Jin Okamoto (Japan)
  3. Tuomo Nieminen (Finland)
  4. Dave Humpherys (United States)
  5. Jeroen Remie (Netherlands)
  6. Peer Kröger (Germany)
  7. Wolfgang Eder (Germany)
  8. Gabe Walls (United States)

Winning deck[]

Daniel Zink - 2003 World Championship

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