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The 2004 World Championships were held from September 1–5, 2004 at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, California, USA. The total prize money awarded to the top 64 finishers was US$208,130.

This was the first ever World Championship without a player from the United States in the Top 8. Nuijten, at 15 years old, became the youngest ever Pro Tour winner and took home a total of $52,366 - a new record for winnings in a single collectible card game tournament.

Finishing order[]

  1. {NLD} Julien Nuijten
  2. {CAN} Aeo Paquette
  3. {JPN} Ryou Ogura
  4. {FRA} Manuel Bevand
  5. {NLD} Kamiel Cornelissen
  6. {MYS} Terry Han Chuen Soh
  7. {FRA} Gabriel Nassif
  8. {CAN} Murray Evans

Winning deck[]

Julien Nuijten - 2004 World Championship - White-green Slide

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