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The Magic 2007 World Championships took place 6–9 December 2007 at the Jacob K. Javits Center of New York in New York City, USA.[1][2]


The tournament featured five rounds of Standard and a Lorwyn Booster Draft on Thursday. Friday featured five rounds of Legacy and another Lorwyn Booster Draft. The team format was Lorwyn Two-Headed Giant Booster Draft.[3] The top 64 individual finishers received $215,600 in prize money.

386 players from 61 countries competed in the event. The winner of the tournament was Uri Peleg, defeating Patrick Chapin 3–1 in the final. Katsuhiro Mori made the top 8 for the third consecutive year, while Gabriel Nassif made his third final eight within four Worlds. Coincidentally, each player mirrored their performance from the previous year (Mori was eliminated in the quarter-finals, Nassif in the semi-finals).[4][5]

Finishing order[]

Place Player Prize Pro Points Comment
1 {ISR} Uri Peleg $40,000 25 First Israeli to win a Pro Tour
2 {FRA} Patrick Chapin $22,000 20 Third Pro Tour Top 8
3 {FRA} Gabriel Nassif $15,000 16 Eighth Pro Tour Top 8
4 {JPN} Koutarou Ootsuka $14,000 16
5 {CHE} Christoph Huber $11,000 12
6 {JPN} Yoshitaka Nakano $10,000 12
7 {JPN} Katsuhiro Mori $9,000 12 Third Pro Tour Top 8
8 {NLD} Roel van Heeswijk $8,000 12

Team final[]

  1. {CHE} Switzerland – Nico Bohny, Manuel Bucher, Christoph Huber, Raphael Gennari
  2. {AUT} Austria – Thomas Preyer, David Reitbauer, Stefan Stradner, Helmut Summersberger

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