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The year 2008 was the sixteenth year of existence for Magic: The Gathering.


Date Event
January Announcement of the ending of the Magic Scholarship Series.
February 1 Release of Morningtide.
February 15–17 Pro Tour Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Won by {USA} Jon Finkel.
April 1 Announcement of Duel Decks: Pirates vs. Ninjas.
  • April Fools.
May 2 Release of Shadowmoor.
May 23–25 Pro Tour Hollywood, USA. Won by {USA} Charles Gindy.
June 20 Release of the 15th Anniversary 2-Player Starter Game.
July 25 Release of Eventide.
  • Mirror to Morningtide.
July 28 Announcement of the closing down of the Gleemax social network.
August 29 Release of From the Vault: Dragons.
September 22 Release of Masters Edition II on Magic Online.
October Creation of the Wizards Play Network.
October 3 Release of Shards of Alara.
October 31 - November 2 Pro Tour Berlin, Germany. Won by {USA} Luis Scott-Vargas.
November 7 Release of Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra.
  • First planeswalker vs. planeswalker Duel Decks.
December 11–14 2008 World Championships in Memphis, USA. Won by {FIN} Antti Malin.
  • Team champions: {USA} United States.
Player of the Year: {JPN} Shuhei Nakamura.
Rookie of the Year: {AUS} Aaron Nicastri.
Hall of Fame inductees:


First involved[]




  • Shelly Wan



  • Cole Eastburn
  • Dan Seagrave
  • Fred Harper
  • Jaime Jones
  • Joshua Hagler
  • Paul Bonner

From the Vault: Dragons

Shards of Alara

  • Andrew Murray
  • Ash Wood
  • David Palumbo
  • Jarreau Wimberly
  • Karl Kopinski
  • Mark Hyzer
  • Michael Ryan
  • Sal Villagran
  • Steve Argyle
  • Trevor Claxton