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The Magic 2009 World Championships took place on 19–22 November 2009 at the Palazzo Dei Congressi in Rome, Italy.[1][2]


The tournament featured six rounds of Standard play on Thursday, two Zendikar Booster Drafts with three rounds of Swiss each on Friday, six rounds of Extended on Saturday and the finals on Sunday. Also, the national teams played two rounds of Team Constructed each on Thursday and Saturday with the Top 4 teams advancing to the single elimination finals on Sunday. The team format was 3 Person Team Constructed with one player playing Standard, one Extended, and one Legacy.

409 players from 65 countries competed in the event. André Coimbra from Portugal won the tournament, thereby claiming the first prize of $45,000.[3] In the team final, China defeated Austria to become the team champion. This was the first Magic Pro Tour event of any sort in which no player in the Top 8 was from the United States or Japan. It was also the first time a Pro Tour Top 8 consisted of players from eight different countries.

The Magic Online World Championship was held for the first time. It also took place in Rome at the site of the paper Magic World Championship. The players played three rounds each of Classic, Zendikar Booster Draft, and Standard on computers provided on the site. After nine rounds the two best players determined the title in a final match of Standard. Anssi Myllymäki from Finland defeated former Pro Player of the Year Shota Yasooka in the final, thus claiming the grand prize of $13,000. The other contestants won between $4,000 and $9,000.

Finishing order[]

Place Player Prize Pro Points Comment
1 {PRT} André Coimbra $45,000 25 Second Pro Tour Top 8, first Portuguese to win a Pro Tour
2 {AUT} David Reitbauer $24,000 20
3 {MYS} Terry Soh $15,000 16 Third Pro Tour Top 8
4 {NLD} Bram Snepvangers $14,000 16 Fourth Pro Tour Top 8
5 {ITA} William Cavaglieri $11,000 12
6 {CHE} Manuel Bucher $10,500 12
7 {BEL} Marijn Lybaert $10,000 12 Third Pro Tour Top 8
8 {DEU} Florian Pils $9,500 12

Team finals[]

  1. {CHN} China — Wu Tong, Bo Li, Zhiyang Zhang
  2. {AUT} Austria — Benedikt Klauser, Benjamin Rozhon, Bernhard Lehner
  3. {CZE} Czech Republic — Lukas Jaklovsky, Lukas Blohon, Jan Kotrla
  4. {NLD} Netherlands — Kevin Grove, Niels Noorlander, Tom van Lamoen

Winning deck[]

André Coimbra - 2009 World Championship - Naya Lightsaber


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