The year 2010 was the eighteenth year of existence for Magic: The Gathering.


Date Event
January 8 Release of the special Alara block all-foil booster pack.
February 5 Release of Worldwake.
February 13 Grand Prix Oakland.
February 19–21 Pro Tour San Diego, USA. Won by DEU.svg Simon Görtzen.
March 18 Announcement of the 2010 Revised Reprint Policy.
March 19 Release of Duel Decks: Phyrexia vs. The Coalition.
April 23 Release of Rise of the Eldrazi.
May 21 Release of the Deck Builder's Toolkit.
  • A box set aimed at beginning players.
May 28–30 Pro Tour San Juan, USA. Won by BRA.svg Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa.
June 4 Release of Duels of the Planeswalkers (decks).
June 18 Release of the Archenemy box set.
July 17 Release of Magic 2011.
August 27 Release of From the Vault: Relics.
September 3 Release of Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Tezzeret.
September 3–5 Pro Tour Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Won by USA.svg Paul Rietzl.
October 1 Release of Scars of Mirrodin.
October 6 Start of the The Great Designer Search 2.
November 19 Release of Premium Deck Series: Fire & Lightning.
December 9 Announcing the last set of the Scars of Mirrodin block, named either Mirrodin Pure or New Phyrexia.
December 9–12 2010 World Championships in Chiba, Japan. Won by FRA.svg Guillaume Matignon.
  • Team champions: SVK.svg Slovak Republic.
Player of the Year: USA.svg Brad Nelson.
Rookie of the Year: ITA.svg Andrea Giarola.
Hall of Fame inductees:


First involved




  • James Ryman
  • Johann Bodin
  • Svetlin Velinov
  • Tomasz Jedruszek

Rise of the Eldrazi

Magic 2011

  • Anthony Palumbo
  • Drew Baker
  • Efrem Palacios
  • jD
  • John Stanko
  • Lucas Graciano
  • Ryan Yee

Scars of Mirrodin

  • David Rapoza
  • Jana Schirmer
  • Johannes Voss
  • Marc Simonetti
  • Randis Albion
  • Whit Brachna
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