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The Magic 2010 World Championships took place on 9–12 December 2010 in Chiba, Japan.[1][2]


The seventeenth Magic World Championship consisted of six rounds of Standard on Thursday, two Scars of Mirrodin Booster Drafts of three rounds each on Friday, and six rounds of Extended on Saturday. On Sunday the best eight players gathered for the Top 8. They had to play the same decks that they had used in the Standard portion of the tournament. Also, the national teams played two rounds of team constructed each on Thursday and Saturday with the Top 2 teams advancing to the single elimination finals on Sunday. The team format was 3 Person Team Constructed with one player playing Standard, one Extended, and one Legacy.

352 players from 60 countries competed in the event. The national teams competition had 57 countries represented.

The 2010 World Champion Guillaume Matignon earned enough Pro Points with his performance to equal Pro Player of the Year leader Brad Nelson's total. This led to a play-off for the Pro Player of the Year title at Pro Tour Paris 2011, which was ultimately won by Brad Nelson.

Finishing order[]

Place Player Prize Pro Points Comment
1 {FRA} Guillaume Matignon $45,000 25 Second Pro Tour Top 8
2 {FRA} Guillaume Wafo-Tapa $24,000 20 Fourth Pro Tour Top 8
3 {BRA} Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa $15,000 16 Seventh Pro Tour Top 8
4 {SWE} Love Janse $14,000 16 Pro Tour debut
5 {USA} Eric Froehlich $11,000 12 Second Pro Tour Top 8
6 {CZE} Lukas Jaklovsky $10,500 12
7 {AUT} Christopher Wolf $10,000 12
8 {GB-ENG} Jonathan Randle $9,500 12

Team finals[]

  1. {SVK} Slovakia — Ivan Floch, Robert Jurkovic, Patrik Surab
  2. {AUS} Australia — Adam Witton, Jeremy Neeman, Ian Wood

Winning deck[]

Guillaume Matignon - 2010 World Championship - Blue Black Control


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