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The year 2013 was the twentyfirst year of existence for Magic: The Gathering.


Date Event
February 1 Release of Gatecrash.
February 15–17 Pro Tour Gatecrash at Montreal, Canada. Won by {USA} Tom Martell.
March 15 Release of Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt.
May 3 Release of Dragon's Maze.
May 17–19 Pro Tour Dragon's Maze at Dan Diego, California, USA. Won by {USA} Craig Wescoe.
May 25 Start of the 2013–14 Pro Tour Season with the Grand Prix at Guadalajara, Mexico.
June 17 Release of Modern Masters.
July 18–21 San Diego Comic-Con.
July 19 Release of Magic 2014.
  • Spotlightning Chandra Nalaar.
  • Criticized return of Slivers, now partially humanoid and only affecting the player's own side of the board.
  • Change of the 'Legend rule'.
  • Sideboards in constructed play now could contain up to 15 cards, rather than the rule of either 15 or 0 cards before.
July 31 - August 4 2013 World Championship in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Won by {ISR} Shahar Shenhar.
  • Players Championship reverted to World Championship after one year.
  • The title of Pro Player of the Year once again became a separate title.
August 2–4 2013 World Magic Cup in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Won by team {FRA} France.
August 23 Release of From the Vault: Twenty.
  • Celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the game.
September 6 Release of Duel Decks: Heroes vs. Monsters.
September 27 Release of Theros.
October 11–13 Pro Tour Theros at Dublin, Ireland. Won by {FRA} Jérémy Dezani.
November 1 Release of Commander 2013.
November 15 Release of the 2013 Holiday Gift Box.
Player of the Year: {USA} Josh Utter-Leyton.
Rookie of the Year: {CHL} Felipe Tapia Becerra.
Hall of Fame inductees:


First involved[]



Dragon's Maze

  • John Severin Brassell

Magic 2014


  • Magali Villeneuve