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2019 Magic Pro League
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Date 2019
Location MTG Arena
Winner Javier Dominguez
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2020 Magic Pro League

The 2019 Magic Pro League was the inaugural season for the Magic Pro League.

Invites[ | ]

Invites were extended to the top 32 players in terms of Pro Points after the 2018–19 Pro Tour Season. However, two players declined to participate due to work conflict: Kelvin Chew (ranked 18th) and Andrew Baeckstrom (ranked 23rd). These invites were passed down to 33rd-ranked Rei Sato and 40th-ranked Lee Shi Tian, with Shi Tian taking Chew's slot to maintain representation in the region.

Roster[ | ]

Name Country Main accomplishments Notes Points from
Points from
Luis Salvatto {ARG} 2017–18 Player of the Year
Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan champion
056 014 070 29 RL
Seth Manfield {USA} 2015 World Champion
Pro Tour Ixalan champion
Pro Tour Hall of Fame class of 2018
123 028 151 03 MPL
Reid Duke {USA} 3 Pro Tour top 8s
6 Grand Prix wins
099 024 123 11 MPL
Márcio Carvalho {PRT} 5 Pro Tour top 8s
3 Grand Prix wins
131 018 149 04 MPL
Owen Turtenwald {USA} 2-time Player of the Year
5 Pro Tour top 8s
Pro Tour Hall of Fame class of 2016
Participation cancelled.[1] - - - - -
Ben Stark {USA} Pro Tour Paris 2011 champion
Pro Tour Hall of Fame class of 2013
057 022 079 27 RL
Javier Dominguez {ESP} 2018 World Champion
2 Grand Prix wins
Winner 175 026 201 01 MPL
John Rolf {USA} Pro Tour Ixalan top 8
3 Grand Prix top 8s
044 016 080 26 RL
Martin Jůza {CZE} 4 Pro Tour top 8s
32 Grand Prix top 8s
Pro Tour Hall of Fame class of 2017
086 022 108 18 MPL
Grzegorz Kowalski {POL} 2018 World Championship runner-up
Grand Prix Lyon 2018 champion
086 020 106 20 RL
Ken Yukuhiro {JPN} 4 Pro Tour top 8s
2 Grand Prix wins
096 024 120 12 MPL
Andrea Mengucci {ITA} 3 Pro Tour top 8s
4 World Magic Cup top 8s
Runner-up 132 022 154 02 MPL
Mike Sigrist {USA} 2014–15 Player of the Year
3 Pro Tour top 8s
076 024 100 24 RL
Brian Braun-Duin {USA} 2016 World Champion
2 Grand Prix wins
100 024 124 10 MPL
Gerry Thompson {USA} Pro Tour Amonkhet champion
3 Pro Tour top 8s
Resigned from the MPL.[2] - - - - -
Brad Nelson {USA} 2010 Player of the Year
3 Pro Tour top 8s
111 030 141 07 MPL
Shahar Shenhar {ISR} Back-to-back World Champion
4 Grand Prix wins
093 022 115 14 MPL
Matt Nass {USA} Pro Tour Kaladesh top 8
5 Grand Prix wins
065 020 085 25 RL
Jean-Emmanuel Depraz {FRA} 2018 World Magic Cup champion
Grand Prix Warsaw 2018 champion
112 014 126 08 MPL
Piotr Glogowski {POL} Pro Tour Ixalan top 8
3 Grand Prix top 8s
122 022 144 06 MPL
Yuuya Watanabe {JPN} 2012 World Champion
2009 Player of the Year
Pro Tour Hall of Fame class of 2016
Removed from the MPL[3] - - - - -
Andrew Cuneo {USA} 2 Pro Tour top 8s
2 Grand Prix wins
082 024 106 20 MPL
Eric Froehlich {USA} 5 Pro Tour top 8s
Pro Tour Hall of Fame class of 2015
043 016 059 30 RL
Christian Hauck {DEU} Pro Tour Ixalan top 8
4 Grand Prix top 8s
092 010 102 23 RL
Carlos Romão {BRA} 2002 World Champion
3 Pro Tour top 8s
021 088 109 17 MPL
Shōta Yasooka {JPN} 2006 Player of the Year
2 Pro Tour wins
Pro Tour Hall of Fame class of 2015
089 024 113 16 MPL
William Jensen {USA} 2017 World Champion
Pro Tour Boston 2003 champion
Pro Tour Hall of Fame class of 2013
089 026 115 14 MPL
Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa {BRA} 2016–17 Player of the Year
12 Pro Tour top 8s
Pro Tour Hall of Fame class of 2012
123 022 145 05 MPL
Lucas Berthoud {BRA} Pro Tour Aether Revolt champion
Grand Prix Santiago 2018 champion
063 016 079 27 RL
Alexander Hayne {CAN} Pro Tour Avacyn Restored champion
4 Grand Prix wins
092 012 104 22 RL
Rei Sato {JPN} 2 Grand Prix wins
5 Grand Prix top 8s
076 032 108 18 MPL
Lee Shi Tian {HKG} 5 Pro Tour top 8s
Pro Tour Hall of Fame class of 2018
105 020 125 09 MPL
Autumn Burchett {GB-ENG} Mythic Championship Cleveland 2019.
2 times English National Champion
096 024 120 12 MPL
Jessica Estephan {AUS} 1 Grand Prix win
Top 16 finish at the Mythic Invitational
033 023 053 31 RL
Janne Mikkonen {FIN} Highest-ranked Challenger at the Mythic Invitational
Mythic #1 ranking on MTG Arena.
033 006 039 32 -

Controversies before the kick-off[ | ]

  • Rei Sato was disqualified from Grand Prix Prague 2019.[4] In a statement the following week, Wizards explained that due to MPL members being held to a higher standard, Sato's invitation to the Mythic Invitational event at PAX East was revoked.[5]
  • The introduction of the MPL was accompanied with cuts elsewhere. Criticism arose when Wizards during Grand Prix New Jersey (26-27 January 2019) stated that they would no longer provide round-by-round updates on Grand Prix events;[6] in a later response to Hipsters of the Coast, Wizards clarified that this only applied to round-by-round text coverage, and that plans for video coverage was yet to be announced.[7] Additional controversy sparked when it became known that Craig Gibson, Pro Tour photographer for 21 years, had been told that he was no longer needed at events.[8]
  • On March 27, 2019 Magic Esports Twitter suddenly announced that Owen Turtenwald wouldn't be participating in the Mythic Invitational. No reason was given. Three days later unconfirmed rumors surfaced that Turtlewald had been behaving in an inappropriate manner towards female players.[9] On April 25, 2019, it became clear that Turtenwald was removed from the Magic Pro League altogether. Without explanation, he was replaced by Autumn Burchett.[1]
  • On May 9, 2019 it was announced that Yuuya Watanabe would be removed from the league as well as the Hall of Fame,[3] due to his previous disqualification from Mythic Championship II in London for marked cards.[10][11]
  • On May 13, 2019 Gerry Thompson announced his resignation from the MPL because of the lack of transparency in the organisation and the unwillingness of Wizards of the Coast to listen to feedback.[2]
  • Also on May 13, WotC announced that the replacements for Thompson and Watanabe were to be Jessica Estephan and Janne "Savjz" Mikkonen, both T16 competitors from the Mythic Invitational.[12] The response was met poorly amongst several established pros, not helped by Janne's personal admission that he would likely not compete in any paper Mythic Championships. The largest criticism was that there was no longer any guarantee upon the future of any professional player, as neither new addition had significant pedigree on the Pro Tour circuit, so the rewards and incentives for achieving anything but the top 30 in the world were unclear.[13][14]

Splits[ | ]

The 2019 Magic Pro League season kicked off on Saturday, May 11, 2019 at 3pm Eastern (19:00 h GMT) on[15]

The season is divided into three splits, with each split being made up of four weeks and feeding into one of the three MTG Arena Mythic Championships in 2019. Each Saturday between 3 and 7pm Eastern, the members of the Magic Pro league compete to qualify directly into the second day of MTG Arena Mythic Championships. The 2019 season is made up of four divisions: Emerald, Pearl, Ruby, and Sapphire. The winner of each of the four divisions skip Day 1 entirely and begin the competition on Day 2.

Spark Split[ | ]

The first split, the Spark Split, took place between May 11 and June 8 and fed into Day 2 of Mythic Championship III on June 21–23, 2019. The winners were:

Emerald division Pearl division Ruby division Sapphire division
Ken Yukuhiro Rei Sato Brad Nelson Brian Braun-Duin

The Magic Pro League's Spark Split concluded in front of a meager audience of around 3,000 viewers. It was a disappointing end to the league's inaugural session.[16]

Core Split[ | ]

The second split, the Core Split, took place between August 3 and September 7 and fed into Day 2 of Mythic Championship V on October 18–20, 2019. To make each week more impactful, only one division played in a given week and the division winners were determined with a Top 4 bracket playoff.[17][18]

Emerald division Pearl division Ruby division Sapphire division
Seth Manfield Carlos Romão Ben Stark Lee Shi Tian

Eldraine Split[ | ]

The Throne of Eldraine Split took place from October 5 through November 2, feeding into Day 2 of Mythic Championship VII in December.

Emerald division Pearl division Ruby division Sapphire division
Marcio Carvalho Shota Yasooka William Jensen Piotr Glogowski

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