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2020 Players Tour Season
World Champion BRA.svg Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa
Hall of Fame inductions None
PTs 2 series + 1 finals
Grand Prix 7
Previous season:
Next season:

The partial 2020 Players Tour season is the twenty-fifth Players Tour season (formerly known as the Pro Tour).


The Season started on January 10, 2020, with MagicFest Montréal, Canada and ends on July 24–26, 2020 with MagicFest San José, USA. Like the previous one, it was a transitional season. While the system originally was designed to arrange itself into the calendar year, this plan was reversed going forward, which had resulted in a 17-month season for 2018-2019 alongside a partial 7-month season in 2020. This partial season doesn't feature a World Championship. The next World Championship will take place at the culmination of the 2020–2021 season.[1]

Starting this season, the short-lived Mythic Championships were split into the tabletop Players Tour continental series and the digital Mythic Invitationals, and the Players Tour Finals and Rivals League were introduced.

The COVID-19 outbreak in January resulted in preventative measures taken in March. A large swath of the Grand Prix event schedule was canceled, and the Players Tour Finals Houston and the May Invitational also were canceled.[2] By April, it was clear that further events were not safely feasible to hold, and Wizards wrote off the entire season as not salvageable.[3] It was announced that some large events later in the year would be prospectively held, but that those events would not pay out points for League positions. Current Rivals and MPL players would hold their positions, with some newer players taken from the first series.

Any events, including the scheduled Players Tour Finals and Mythic Invitational wouldn't be played for Player Points or Mythic Points, and therefore 'wouldn't impact MPL or Rivals invitations for next season.

By May, the future of in-person gatherings was uncertain and likely to remain that way for some time. A new plan was needed, one that worked within current constraints to close out a completely disrupted season while providing hundreds of competitors with existing qualifications an opportunity to compete. Wizards of the Coast therefore shifted the 2020 Partial Season competitions from in-person destinations to online events, played remotely through MTG Arena.[4] At the same time, the end of the partial season was moved up to the fall of 2020. Later that month, all remaining Grand Prix were cancelled.[5] Tabletop Grand Prix did not return.

World Championship XXVI

The 2019 World Championship, promoted as World Championship XXVI, was held on February 14-16 2020 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Rank Player Prize money
1 BRA.svg Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa $ 300,000
2 PRT.svg Marcio Carvalho $ 150,000
3 USA.svg Seth Manfield $ 100,000
4 FRA.svg Gabriel Nassif $ 75,000
5 ARG.svg Sebastian Pozzo $ 62,500
6 USA.svg Eli Loveman $ 62,500
7 FRA.svg Jean-Emmanuel Depraz $ 50,000
8 GB-ENG.svg Autumn Burchett $ 50,000
9 POL.svg Piotr Glogowski $ 25,000
10 USA.svg Chris Kvartek $ 25,000
11 FRA.svg Raphael Levy $ 25,000
12 DEU.svg Thoralf Severin $ 25,000
13 CZE.svg Ondřej Stráský $ 12,500


ESP.svg Javier Dominguez $ 12,500
15 ITA.svg Andrea Mengucci $ 12,500
16 ARG.svg Matias Leveratto $ 12,500

Grand Prix

Feeding in the Players Tour Finals (Series 2)

GP Austin

Date: 11–12 January 2020
Format: Modern
Attendance: 801

1. USA.svg Christopher Candevra
2. USA.svg Marcus Luong
3. USA.svg Oliver Tomajko
4. USA.svg Ian Birrell
5. USA.svg Evan Teachworth
6. USA.svg Tad Macaraeg
7. USA.svg Brendan Cohen
8. USA.svg Andrew Wolbers


GP New Jersey

Date: 25–26 January 2020
Format: Limited
Attendance: 1434

1. CAN.svg Isaak Krut
2. CAN.svg Christian Trudel
3. USA.svg Collin Rountree
4. USA.svg Terrence Campo
5. SWE.svg Alexander Rosdahl
6. USA.svg Andrew Elenbogen
7. USA.svg Chas Hinkle
8. USA.svg Jordan Berkowitz


GP Brussels

Date: 31 January - 2 February 2020
Format: Pioneer
Attendance: 1663

1. ESP.svg Carlos Moral
2. NLD.svg Claes de Graaff
3. GRC.svg Kiriakos Avgoustis
4. FIN.svg Olli Saarinen
5. DEU.svg Fabian Gorzgen
6. DEU.svg Lev Ducenko
7. ESP.svg Miguel Castro
8. DEU.svg Alexander Mertins


GP Nagoya

Date: 1–2 February 2020
Format: Pioneer
Attendance: 1672

1. JPN.svg Takuya Ishizuki
2. JPN.svg Yoshiro Mikami
3. JPN.svg Taiki Yamashita
4. JPN.svg Taiki Hattori
5. JPN.svg Yuta Inukai
6. JPN.svg Shinichi Ito
7. JPN.svg Hirotaki Kawasaki
8. JPN.svg Shinsuke Hayashi


GP Phoenix

Date: 7-9 February 2020
Format: Pioneer
Attendance: 941

1. USA.svg Benjamin Weitz
2. USA.svg Andrew Lopez
3. USA.svg Kyle Henriksen
4. USA.svg Isaac Sears
5. USA.svg Joseph Artz
6. USA.svg Max Milechman
7. USA.svg Stephen Peters
8. USA.svg Jonathan Rosum


GP Reno

Date: 28 February-1 March 2020
Format: Limited
Attendance: 678

1. CAN.svg Nathaniel Knox
2. USA.svg Bradley Yoo
3. USA.svg Young I Son
4. USA.svg Jimmy Gorham
5. USA.svg Eric Severson
6. USA.svg Patric Selbey
7. USA.svg Andrew Goodwin
8. USA.svg Justin Porchas


GP Lyon

Date: 7-8 March 2020
Format: Standard
Attendance: 583

1. ITA.svg Biaggo Ruocco
2. FRA.svg Quentin Leroy
3. FRA.svg Alexandre Murgay
4. AUS.svg Matthew Garnham
5. ITA.svg Adriano Moscato
6. FRA.svg Quentin Garchery
7. ITA.svg Davide Tedeschi
8. FRA.svg Leo Carbonell


  • March 13–15, 2020: MagicFest Detroit, USA (Standard) (canceled)
  • March 20–22, 2020: MagicFest São Paulo, Brazil (Modern) (canceled)
  • March 27–29, 2020: MagicFest Louisville, USA (Pioneer) (canceled)

Feeding in the Players Tour Finals (Series 3)

  • April 3–5, 2020: MagicFest Turin, Italy (Modern) (canceled)
  • April 10–12, 2020: MagicFest Palm Beach, USA (Modern) (canceled)
  • April 24–26, 2020: MagicFest Houston, USA (Limited) (canceled)
  • April 30-May 3, 2020: MagicFest Copenhagen, Denmark (Limited) (canceled)
  • May 7-10, 2020: MagicFest Charlotte, USA (Standard) (canceled)
  • May 8-10, 2020: MagicFest Kitakyushu, Japan (Standard) (canceled)
  • May 22–24, 2020: MagicFest Toronto, Canada (Modern) (canceled)
  • May 29–31, 2020: MagicFest Prague, Czech Republic (Standard) (canceled)
  • June 5–7, 2020: MagicFest Seattle, USA (Team Limited) (canceled)
  • June 12–14, 2020: MagicFest Bilbao, Spain (Modern). Moved to Valencia (canceled)
  • June 19–21, 2020: MagicFest Providence, USA (Pioneer) (canceled)
  • July 10–12, 2020: MagicFest Minneapolis, USA (Limited) (canceled)
  • July 17–19, 2020: MagicFest Liverpool, UK (Limited) (canceled)
  • July 24–26, 2020: MagicFest San Jose, USA (Standard) (canceled)

Players Tours

Series 1

  • January 31-February 2, 2020: Players Tour Europe - Brussels, Belgium
Place Player Prize Player Points Deck Comments
1 SWE.svg Joel Larsson $35,000 26 Sultai Delirium Third Top Finish
2 POL.svg Piotr Glogowski $25,000 24 Inverter Combo MPL. Third Top Finish
3 BRA.svg Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa $20,000 22 5-Color Niv to Light MPL. 15th Top Finish
4 NLD.svg Brent Vos $15,000 20 Lotus Breach
5 ESP.svg Juan Jose Rodriguez Lopez $12,000 18 Mono-Red Aggro Second Top Finish
6 ITA.svg Mattia Rizzi $10,000 18 Bant Spirits
7 CHN.svg Zhang Zhiyang $8,000 18 Mono-Black Aggro Second Top Finish
8 ITA.svg Valerio Luminati $6,000 18 Bant Spirits
  • February 1–2, 2020: Players Tour Asia-Pacific - Nagoya, Japan
Place Player Prize Player Points Deck Comments
1 JPN.svg Kenta Harane $35,000 26 White-Blue Spirits
2 JPN.svg Ken Yukuhiro $21,000 24 Orzhov Sram MPL. Sixth Top Finish
3 JPN.svg Yuuta Takahashi $15,000 22 Inverter Combo Third Top Finish
4 JPN.svg Shintaro Ishimura $12,000 20 Blue Devotion Inverter Second Top Finish
5 JPN.svg Shota Yasooka $10,000 18 Inverter Combo MPL. Fifth Top Finish
6 JPN.svg Akira Asahara $8,000 18 Inverter Combo Third Top Finish
7 HKG.svg Lee Shi Tian $6,000 18 Inverter Combo MPL. Seventh Top Finish
8 RUS.svg Dmitri Butakov $4,000 18 Mono-Black Vampires
  • February 7–9, 2020: Players Tour Americas - Phoenix, USA
Place Player Prize Player Points Deck Comments
1 USA.svg Corey Burkhart $35,000 26 Inverter Combo
2 USA.svg William Jensen $30,000 24 Lotus Breach Combo MPL. Seventh Top Finish
3 USA.svg Jacob Wilson $20,000 22 Sultai Delirium Third Top Finish
4 USA.svg Zachary Kiihne $15,000 20 Mono-Red Aggro
5 USA.svg Allen Wu $12,000 18 Lotus Breach Combo Second Top Finish
6 USA.svg Austin Bursavich $10,000 18 UW Control Second Top Finish
7 USA.svg Peter Ingram $8,000 18 Inverter Combo
8 USA.svg Thomas Ashton $6,000 18 Bant Spirits
  • April 24–26, 2020: Players Tour Finals (Series 1) - Houston, USA (canceled)

Series 2

  • May 1–3, 2020: Players Tour Europe - Copenhagen, Denmark
    • Rescheduled: May 29–31 - Prague, Czech Republic (canceled)
  • May 8-10, 2020: Players Tour Americas - Charlotte, USA
    • Rescheduled: June 5–7, Seattle, USA (cancelled)
  • May 9-10, 2020: Players Tour Asia-Pacific - Kitakyushu, Japan (canceled)
  • July 10–12, 2020: Players Tour Finals (Series 2) - Minneapolis, USA (canceled)

Series 2 (rescheduled on MTG Arena)

There were four tournaments. Qualified players could play in only one of their choosing:[4]

  • June 13–14, 2020: Players Tour 1
Place Player Prize Player Points Deck Comments
1 SWE.svg Elias Watsfeldt $8,000 None awarded Temur Reclamation
2 DEU.svg Dominik Görtzen $7,000 Temur Reclamation
3 FIN.svg Joonas Eloranta $6,000 Temur Reclamation
4 FRA.svg Louis-Samuel Deltour $5,000 Bant Ramp Rivals League
5 DEU.svg Simon Görtzen $4,500 Temur Reclamation Rivals League
6 JPN.svg Shinsuke Hayashi $4,500 Bant Ramp
7 KOR.svg Jeong Woo Cho $4,000 Temur Reclamation
8 JPN.svg Kazuhiro Noine $4,000 Temur Reclamation
  • June 13–14, 2020: Players Tour 2
Place Player Prize Player Points Deck Comments
1 JPN.svg Ryuji Murae $8,000 None awarded Temur Reclamation
2 FRA.svg Jean-Emmanuel Depraz $7,000 Temur Reclamation MPL
3 USA.svg Allison Warfield $6,000 Temur Reclamation Rivals League
4 DNK.svg Christoffer Larsen $5,000 Jund Sacrifice
5 CAN.svg Eduardo Sajgalik $4,500 Jund Sacrifice
6 USA.svg Eli Loveman $4,500 Rakdos Sacrifice Rivals League
7 GTM.svg Kevin Antonio Perez $4,000 Sultai Ramp First Guatemalan/Central American Top Finish
8 USA.svg Abe Corrigan $4,000 Temur Reclamation
  • June 19–20, 2020: Players Tour 3
Place Player Prize Player Points Deck Comments
1 USA.svg William Craddock $8,000 None awarded Jund Sacrifice
2 JPN.svg Rei Hirayama $7,000 Temur Reclamation
3 UKR.svg Iurii Babych $6,000 Sultai Ramp
4 AUS.svg Dennis Chan $5,000 Bant Ramp
5 AUS.svg Isaac Egan $4,500 Jund Sacrifice
6 USA.svg Logan Nettles $4,500 Temur Reclamation
7 USA.svg Ben Stark $4,000 Yorion Orzhov Blink Rivals League
8 USA.svg Joshua Chan $4,000 Rakdos Sacrifice
  • June 20–21, 2020: Players Tour 4
Place Player Prize Player Points Deck Comments
1 JPN.svg Akira Asahara $8,000 None awarded Temur Reclamation
2 GB-ENG.svg Thomas White $7,000 Azorius Control
3 FRA.svg Gabriel Nassif $6,000 Azorius Control MPL
4 DEU.svg Arne Huschenbeth $5,000 Temur Reclamation
5 NLD.svg Thomas Hendriks $4,500 Bant Flash
6 POL.svg Tomasz Sodomirski $4,500 Temur Reclamation
7 ISR.svg Pesach Israeli $4,000 Bant Ramp
8 CAN.svg Alexander Hayne $4,000 Temur Reclamation Rivals League

The finals were divided over two weekends:

  • July 25–26, 2020: Players Tour Finals (Series 2)
  • August 1, 2020: Players Tour Finals, Top 8 Playoffs (Series 2)
Place Player Prize Player Points Deck Comments
1 DEU.svg Kristof Prinz $10,000 None awarded 4C Reclamation
2 JPN.svg Riku Kumagai $8,000 Mono-Black Aggro
3 USA.svg Michael Jacob $7,000 Mardu Winota
4 USA.svg Allen Wu $6,000 Temur Reclamation
5 BRA.svg Patrick Fernandes $5,000 Temur Reclamation
6 DNK.svg Christoffer Larsen $5,000 Jund Sacrifice
7 USA.svg Ben Weitz $5,000 4C Reclamation
8 FRA.svg Raphael Levy $5,000 Azorius Control MPL

Mythic Invitationals

  • May 14–17, 2020: Mythic Invitational – Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths (canceled)
  • July 23–26, 2020: Mythic Invitational – Core 2021 (canceled)[4]

Mythic Invitationals rescheduled

August 28–30, 2020: Mythic Invitational 2020.[4]

Place Player Prize Player Points Deck Comments
1 USA.svg Seth Manfield $10,000 None awarded Sultai Ramp MPL
2 FRA.svg Gabriel Nassif $8,000 Jund Sacrifice MPL
3 ARG.svg Luis Salvatto $7,000 Rakdos Arcanist Rival
4 POL.svg Grzegorz Kowalski $6,000 Jund Citadel Rival
5 USA.svg David Steinberg $5,000 Jund Sacrifice
6 USA.svg Luis Scott-Vargas $5,000 Jund Sacrifice Rival
7 USA.svg Matt Nass $5,000 Mono-Black Gift Rival
8 JPN.svg Ken Yukuhiro $5,000 Mono-Red Goblins MPL

Grand Finals

With the rescheduling, an entirely new event, the 2020 Season Grand Finals, was added.[4] This took place on October 9-11, 2020, with the Top 16 from both the Players Tour Finals and Mythic Invitational qualifying for this exclusive $250,000 prize pool event.


  • Top 17 competitors from the Mythic Invitational 2020
  • Jun'ya Iyanaga received his invitation as a pass down from Seth Manfield, who was already qualified through the Players Tour Series 2 Finals.


    The 2020 Season Grand Finals used both Standard and Historic Constructed formats on MTG Arena.

    • Day One: 6 Swiss rounds
      • Rounds 1-3: Historic Constructed
      • Rounds 4-6: Standard Constructed

    All players returned for Day Two. Records and tiebreakers earned on Day One carried over to Day Two.

    • Day Two: 6 Swiss rounds
      • Round 7-9: Standard Constructed
      • Rounds 10-12: Historic Constructed

    Players for Top 8 are determined and seeded by earning 8 match wins or standings at the end of Round 12.


    • $250,000 prize pool (first place: $25,000)


    Day 1

    Prior to the tournament, a short panel was held with R&D member Andrew Brown and MPL members and weekend commentators Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa and Reid Duke, going over the statistics of the metagames.

    Consensus entering the tournament was that Omnath Adventures – which combined Omnath, Locus of Creation with the power of Lucky Clover and Adventure spells like Bonecrusher Giant or Fae of Wishes – was the best deck against the field, while the Lotus Cobra-powered Omnath Ramp deck had the edge in the head-to-head matchup. The result was what many expected: 19 decks of the 32 played Omnath Adventures and another four played Omnath Ramp.[6] Four players took Rakdos Midrange in to the field and suffered abysmal results. Seth Manfield was the odd man out with Dimir Rogue - with Soaring Thought-Thief and Thieves' Guild Enforcer - while Autumn Burchett successfully chose Gruul Adventures.

    In the Historic portion, the metagame shifted far from the Goblins-centric meta during the Invitational into one where Omnath made up a third of the field. Whether from expected hate (that Reid Duke suggested) or the inevitable end of an unreliable deck (that Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa posited), only one player registered it. This change in metagame meant that the second most popular deck - Jund Sacrifice - was without prey. With Sultai picking up Yasharn, Implacable Earth as a powerful hate card, both commentators found that the deck was overrepresented for the metagame - despite this, Seth Manfield made an early sweep. A newcomer deck powered by Sea Gate Stormcaller was the Neoform combo deck, one that can win with 1.svg U.svg U.svg G.svg.

    On the day of competition, Autumn lead the pack undefeated, while Seth's only loss was to Autumn in round five. Austin Bursavich made for the only other 5-1 player, whose only loss was also to Autumn, but in the Historic portion. He wielded Omnath in both formats, Adventures in Standard and Ramp in Historic.

    Day 2

    Austin Bursavich quickly took over the lead from Autumn at 8-1 and qualified. The way the tournament was set up, players at 8 wins are removed from the Swiss as having qualified. Manfield (over Burchett) and Burchett (over Patrick Fernandes) followed at rounds 10 and 11, leaving five players to fight in round 12. At the low end of the 7-4s, Emma Handy defeated Ken Yukuhiro and Aaron Gertler defeated Kristof Prinz. The pairings of Fernandes/Wu and Nassif/Levy drew; while Wu had higher breakers than Levy, the field broke down in that Wu had both Yukuhiro and Prinz twice in his record, and both of them losing shifted his breakers down 1.4%. Wu ended up on 9th.[7]

    Top 8 play-offs

    The Top 8 players faced one more day to earn the Grand Finals trophy.[8] In the final match, Austin Bursavich bested Aaron Gertler to become Grand Finals Champion.[9]

    Place Player Prize Points Standard deck Historic deck League
    1 USA.svg Austin Bursavich $25,000 33 Omnath Adventures Omnath Ramp
    2 USA.svg Aaron Gertler $20,000 24 Omnath Adventures Omnath Ramp
    3 FRA.svg Gabriel Nassif $14,000 22 Omnath Adventures Four-Color Midrange MPL
    4 FRA.svg Raphaël Lévy $12,000 22 Omnath Adventures Four-Color Midrange MPL
    5 GB-ENG.svg Autumn Burchett $11,500 27 Gruul Adventures Omnath Ramp MPL
    6 BRA.svg Patrick Fernandes $11,500 22 Omnath Adventures Omnath Ramp
    7 USA.svg Seth Manfield $9,000 30 Dimir Rogues Jund Sacrifice MPL
    8 USA.svg Emma Handy $9,000 24 Gruul Adventures Omnath Ramp RL


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