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2020–21 Magic Pro League
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Date 2020–21
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2020-21 Magic Pro League
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The 2021–22 Magic Pro League season is the fourth and final season for the Magic Pro League.[1] It is part of the 2021–22 Players Tour Season.

Final season[]

In May 2021, Magic Esports announced a return to in-person play post COVID-19 for the 2022–23 Players Tour Season.[1] Although digital play was considered a remaining feature it is supposed to be only part of the equation going forward. As a result, the 2021–22 Players Tour Season is the last season featuring the MPL and the Rivals League. Players are not competing for another League season. Instead, they are competing for a place in the 2022 World Championship.

The existing Split Championship structure remained in place, but Wizards of the Coast increased the prize pool and updated the prize structure compared to the Strixhaven Championship. Set Championships feature prize pools of $450,000 per event, over three events.[1] On the other hand, League Weekends and the Gauntlets are not run in 2021–2022.[1] This actually means that the players will be paid what they are due, but that the required playing is vastly reduced.[2]

World Championship Qualifying Points (WCQPs) are earned directly from performance in Championship events.[3] Each match point earned in Championship event is a WCQP, with four (4) additional points awarded to the two Top 8 players that lose out in the playoff and finish outside of the Top 6 in each Championship.

Players that earn invitation through a Top 6 finish in a Championship do not create passdown invitations by finishing in the Top 6 in multiple events, and do not factor into at-large invitations based on WQCPs. Any player with multiple qualifications for the World Championship creates an at-large invitation—and if no player secures multiple qualifications, then there will be no at-large invitations.


The 2021-2022 Magic Pro League will consist of 24 players:[4]

Nat. Name Qualification INN WCQPs NEO WCQPs SNC WCQPs Total Result
{CZE} Ondřej Stráský MPL 2020-21, 1st place 27 27
{BRA} Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa MPL 2020-21, 2nd place 27 27
{FRA} Gabriel Nassif MPL 2020-21, 3rd place 27 27
{USA} Seth Manfield MPL 2020-21, 4th place 9 9
{LBN} Eli Kassis Rivals League 2020-21, 1st place 6 6
{CZE} Stanislav Cifka Rivals League 2020-21, 2nd place 30 30
{USA} Matt Sperling Rivals League 2020-21, 3rd place 21 21
{JPN} Yuuta Takahashi Rivals League 2020-21, 4th place 37 37 Qualified for Worlds before the start of the season.
{JPN} Riku Kumagai Top 8 MPL Gauntlet 2020-21 33 33 Qualified for Worlds at the Innistrad Championship.
{ESP} Javier Dominguez Top 8 MPL Gauntlet 2020-21 6 6
{CAN} Jacob Wilson Top 8 MPL Gauntlet 2020-21 9 9
{JPN} Rei Sato Top 8 MPL Gauntlet 2020-21 6 6
{USA} Chris Botelho Top 8 MPL Gauntlet 2020-21 21 21
{JPN} Yoshihiko Ikawa Top 8 MPL Gauntlet 2020-21 9 9
{FRA} Jean-Emmanuel Depraz Top 8 MPL Gauntlet 2020-21 9 9
{ITA} Luca Magni Top 8 MPL Gauntlet 2020-21 27 27
{USA} Gavin Thompson Top 4 Rivals Gauntlet 2020-21 21 21
{DEU} Kai Budde Top 4 Rivals Gauntlet 2020-21 27 27
{DEU} Jan-Moritz Merkel Top 4 Rivals Gauntlet 2020-21 24 24
{HKG} Lee Shi Tian Top 4 Rivals Gauntlet 2020-21 18 18
{USA} Sam Pardee Top 4 Challenger Gauntlet 2020-21 24 24
{JPN} Noriyuki Mori Top 4 Challenger Gauntlet 2020-21 21 21
{DEU} Arne Huschenbeth Top 4 Challenger Gauntlet 2020-21 24 24
{JPN} Keisuke Sato Top 4 Challenger Gauntlet 2020-21 9 9


^† Removed from the official overall leaderboard because of their qualification for Worlds.

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