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2021–22 Players Tour Season
PTs 3 Set Championships
Grand Prix undetermined
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The 2021–22 Players Tour season is the twenty-seventh Players Tour season (formerly known as the Pro Tour). It is yet another bridge season and starts in the fall of 2021, probably around the time of the 2021 World Championship in September or October 2021.


It is, for now, unclear if this Organized Play season will feature any tabletop events.


In May 2021, Magic Esports announced a return to in-person play post COVID-19 for the 2022–23 Players Tour Season.[1] Although digital play was considered to be an ongoing feature, it is supposed to be only part of the equation going forward.

As a result, the 2021–22 Players Tour Season is yet another transitional season and is going to be the last season featuring the MPL and the Rivals League. The season's primary goals are to sunset the current system of play and aims to allow Wizards of the Coast the freedom and flexibility to create a new play system for the future. Along the way, the season will also see a reduced total number of events for the Rivals and Magic Pro Leagues. League Weekends and the Gauntlets will not be run in 2021–2022.[1] Players will not be competing for another League season. Instead, they'll be competing for a place in the World Championship. This actually means that the players will be paid what they are due, but that the required playing is vastly reduced.[2]

The existing Set Championship structure will remain in place, but Wizards of the Coast will be increasing the prize pool and updating the prize structure compared to the Strixhaven Championship. The three Set Championships are the only major events of this season. The season will culminate in post-season play and the 2022 World Championship. This structure is not meant to be a template for the future.

The 2021-2022 Esports season begins with the same size leagues as the beginning of 2020–2021 with 24 players in the MPL and 48 players in the Rivals League.[3]

The World Championship will feature a prize pool of $250,000.[1]



The 2021-2022 Magic Esports season is composed of three splits, which are several months of competitive play tied to an upcoming set release. The players compete for a place in the World Championship.

Set Championships[]

Three Set Championships each form the culmination of a split. Set Championships will feature prize pools of $450,000 per event, over three events.[1]


Innistrad Split[]

The Innistrad Double Feature Split is tied to both Midnight Hunt and Crimson Vow. With the main gauntlets of the previous season taking place on September 2, there wasn't room for a separate split for each of these sets.

Innistrad Championship[]