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2021–22 Rivals League
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Date 2021–22
Location MTG Arena
Winner TBA
Previous Rivals League:
2020-21 Rivals League
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The 2021–22 Rivals League is the Rivals League played in the 2021–22 Players Tour Season. It is the third and final season to feature a Rivals League.[1]

Final season[]

In May 2021, Magic Esports announced a return to in-person play post COVID-19 for the 2022–23 Players Tour Season.[1] Although digital play was considered here to stay it is supposed to be only part of the equation going forward. As a result, the 2021–22 Players Tour Season is going to be the last season featuring the MPL and the Rivals League. Players will not be competing for another League season. Instead, they'll be competing for a place in the 2022 World Championship.

The existing Split Championship structure will remain in place, but Wizards of the Coast will be increasing the prize pool and updating the prize structure compared to the Strixhaven Championship. Set Championships will feature prize pools of $450,000 per event, over three events.[1] On the other hand, League Weekends and the Gauntlets will not be run in 2021–2022.[1]


The 2021-2022 Magic Rivals League will consist of 48 players:[2]

  • MPL players ranked 17th through 24th — the bottom 8 — from final standings for the 2020–2021 season.
  • Rivals League players ranked 33rd through 36th — 4 players below the Rivals Gauntlet cutoff and above Challenger relegation cutoff — from final standings for the 2020–2021 season.
  • The remaining 16 players at the end of the MPL Gauntlet.
  • The remaining 20 players at the end of the Rivals Gauntlet.
Nat. Name Qualification
{BRA} Carlos Romão MPL 2020-21, 17th place
{ITA} Andrea Mengucci MPL 2020-21, 18th place
{GB-ENG} Autumn Burchett MPL 2020-21, 19th place
{ISR} Shahar Shenhar MPL 2020-21, 20th place
{USA} Brian Braun-Duin MPL 2020-21, 21st place
{POL} Piotr Głogowski MPL 2020-21, 22nd place
{USA} Chris Kvartek MPL 2020-21, 23rd place
{FRA} Raphaël Lévy MPL 2020-21, 24th place
{DEU} Simon Görtzen Rivals League 2020-21, 33rd place
{PRT} Frederico Bastos Rivals League 2020-21, 34th place
{USA} Eli Loveman Rivals League 2020-21, 35th place
{NLD} Brent Vos Rivals League 2020-21, 36th place
{CZE} Martin Jůza MPL Gauntlet 2020-21
{USA} Reid Duke MPL Gauntlet 2020-21
{PRT} Márcio Carvalho MPL Gauntlet 2020-21
{PRT} Bernardo Santos MPL Gauntlet 2020-21
{CAN} Alexander Hayne MPL Gauntlet 2020-21
{KOR} Ma Noah MPL Gauntlet 2020-21
{USA} Brad Nelson MPL Gauntlet 2020-21
{USA} William Jensen MPL Gauntlet 2020-21
{USA} Luis Scott-Vargas MPL Gauntlet 2020-21
{ARG} Luis Salvatto MPL Gauntlet 2020-21
{POL} Grzegorz Kowalski MPL Gauntlet 2020-21
{USA} Corey Burkhart MPL Gauntlet 2020-21
{USA} Austin Bursavich MPL Gauntlet 2020-21
{DEU} Thoralf Severin MPL Gauntlet 2020-21
{USA} Mike Sigrist MPL Gauntlet 2020-21
{USA} Zachary Kiihne MPL Gauntlet 2020-21
{USA} Logan Nettles Rivals Gauntlet 2020-21
{PRT} Joao Moreira Rivals Gauntlet 2020-21
{USA} Andrew Cuneo Rivals Gauntlet 2020-21
{JPN} Ken Yukuhiro Rivals Gauntlet 2020-21
{GB-WLS} Sam Rolph Rivals Gauntlet 2020-21
{CZE} Jacub Tóth Rivals Gauntlet 2020-21
{SVK} Ivan Floch Rivals Gauntlet 2020-21
{DEU} Christian Hauck Rivals Gauntlet 2020-21
{FRA} Matthieu Avignon Rivals Gauntlet 2020-21
{PRT} Miguel da Cruz Simões Rivals Gauntlet 2020-21
{JPN} Kenta Harane Rivals Gauntlet 2020-21
{JPN} Shota Yasooka Rivals Gauntlet 2020-21
{JPN} Shintaro Ishimura Rivals Gauntlet 2020-21
{FRA} Théo Moutier Rivals Gauntlet 2020-21
{ARG} Sebastian Pozzo Rivals Gauntlet 2020-21
{USA} Kenji Egashira Rivals Gauntlet 2020-21
{FIN} Matti Kuisma Rivals Gauntlet 2020-21
{USA} David Inglis Rivals Gauntlet 2020-21
{USA} Ian Birrell Rivals Gauntlet 2020-21
{FRA} Louis-Samuel Deltour Rivals Gauntlet 2020-21

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