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The year 2022 is the thirtieth year of existence for Magic: The Gathering.

Events[ | ]

Date Event
January 4 Release of the first basic land of Secret Lair Drop Series: The Astrology Lands.
January 5 Chris Cocks, president of Wizards of the Coast, is named the new CEO of Hasbro.[1]
January 28 Release of Commander Collection: Black
  • Only sold at WPN stores.
January 28 Release of Innistrad: Double Feature.
February 17 Release of Secret Lair Drop Series: February Superdrop.
February 18 Release of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty.
March 13 {LBN} Eli Kassis wins the Neon Dynasty Championship.
March 14 Release of the designed-for-digital Alchemy: Kamigawa set on MTG Arena.
March 30 Wizards of the Coast Organized Play announces the reinstatement of the tabletop Pro Tour.[2]
April 1 Release of Challenger Decks 2022.
April 11 Release of Secret Lair Drop Series: April Superdrop 2022.
April 21 Introduction of the "true-to-tabletop" Explorer format on Magic: The Gathering Arena.
April 29 Release of Streets of New Capenna.
May 4 Release of Secret Lair Drop Series: Pride Across the Multiverse.
May 21 Start of the 2022–23 Pro Tour Season with the first Qualifier Play-In event on MTG Arena.
May 22 {DEU} Jan-Moritz Merkel wins the New Capenna Championship.
June 2 Release of Alchemy: New Capenna on MTG Arena.
June 3 Release of the 2022 Starter Kit.
June 10 Release of Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate.
June 13 Release of Secret Lair Drop Series: Here Be Dragons and June Superdrop 2022.
July 1 Prices are raised by 11% across the board for Booster products (eg. Draft Boosters, Set Boosters and Collector Boosters).[3]
July 7 Release of Alchemy Horizons: Baldur's Gate on MTG Arena.
July 8 Release of Double Masters 2022.
July 21 Release of Secret Lair Drop Series: Fortnite.
July 28 Release of Historic Anthology 6 and Explorer Anthology 1 on MTG Arena.
August 10 Without fanfare, the mobile game Magic SpellSlingers is finally fully implemented on iOS and Android.[4]
August 11 Release of Secret Lair Drop Series: Li'l Giri Saves the Day.
August 18 Yearly Announcement Day.
August 28 Release of Secret Lair Drop Series: August Superdrop 2022.
September 9 Release of Dominaria United.

Standard Rotation: Zendikar Rising, Kaldheim, Strixhaven: School of Mages and Adventures in the Forgotten Realms leave the format.

September 25 {GB-WLS} Sam Rolph wins Arena Championship 1.
October 1 Release of Secret Lair Drop Series: Li’l’ler Walkers.
October 6 Release of Alchemy: Dominaria on MTG Arena.
October 7 Release of Unfinity.
  • The acorn stamp replaces silver borders.
  • First Un-set to contain Eternal-legal cards.
  • Introduction of Sticker technology.
October 7 Release of Universes Beyond: Warhammer 40,000 Commander Decks.
October 14 Release of Game Night Free-for-All.
October 17 Release of Secret Lair Drop Series: October Superdrop 2022‎ (including the Warhammer 40K drops).
October 20 Magic Online officially transfers from Wizards of the Coast's servers to Daybreak's servers.[5]
October 28-30 Magic 30 convention, the "ultimate celebration of three decades of Magic: The Gathering".
November 1 Release of the Secret Lair 30th Anniversary Countdown Kit.
November 4 Release of the Pioneer Challenger Decks 2022.
November 4 Release of the Secret Lair Drop Series: Extra Life 2022.
November 8 The website receives a major overhaul, obsoleting many older articles and causing massive link rot on this wiki.[7]
November 14 The Bank of America warns that Hasbro is “destroying the long-term value” of Magic: The Gathering by overprinting cards.[8]
November 17 Release of the Secret Lair Drop Series: Look at the Kitties.
November 18 Release of The Brothers' War.
November 30 Release of the 30th Anniversary Edition of Beta.
  • Priced at $999 for four randomized boosters of non-tournament legal commemorative cards.
December 2 Release of Jumpstart 2022.
December 2 Release of the first Starter Commander Decks.
December 5 Release of the first Secret Lair Drop Series: December Superdrop 2022.
December 13 Release of Alchemy: The Brothers' War and Explorer Anthology 2 on MTG Arena.

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