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2022–23 Players Tour Season
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The 2022–23 Players Tour season is the twenty-eighth Players Tour season for Magic: The Gathering. It starts in the fall of 2022.


In May 2021, Magic Esports announced a return to in-person tabletop play post COVID-19 for this season.[1] Although digital play is considered to be a lasting element of Organized Play, it is supposed to be only part of the equation going forward. As a result, the 2022–23 Players Tour Season won't feature either the MPL or the Rivals League.

According to Wizards of the Coast, Organized Play will not be explicitly designed anymore to support competitive Magic as a career path. Guaranteed salaries and appearance fees are abandoned.[2] However, Competitive Magic is not going away. There will still be Grand Prix, PTQ, and Pro Tour – like events.[3] The company's focus will be the amount of play and the prize money, and less focus on the lifestyle or it being economically self-sustaining. The idea is to focus on bottom up growth from the LGS level vs a top down approach (MPL), and thus opening competitive play to more players.[4]