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2024 World Championship
World Championship
Date October 25-27, 2024
Location Las Vegas, United States
Format Duskmourn: House of Horror Booster Draft and Standard Constructed
Prize pool TBA
Winner TBA
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Next Worlds:

The Magic: the Gathering 2024 World Championship, or Magic World Championship 30, is the 30th Magic World Championship and will be held at the end of the 2023–24 Pro Tour Season, on October 25-27, 2024 at MagicCon Las Vegas, USA.

Description[ | ]

The formats for World Championship 30 are Duskmourn: House of Horror Booster Draft and Standard Constructed.[1] The championship comes just two set releases after Standard's first rotation using the new three-year policy. TBA players compete for a prize pool of $TBA

Qualification[ | ]

The Regional Champions (Qualified runner-ups in brackets)
Europe Brazil South America Central America USA (East) Canada West Canada ANZ South-East Asia Japan China Taiwan
Cycle 1 Adrián Iñigo Tastet (Lars Henrichvark) William Araujo Guillermo Sulimovich Edgar Rangel Paez Daniel Weiser
(Mark Stanton)
Ha Pham Boston Schatteman Brett Girvan Zer Shiuan Peng Kenta Masukado
(Yuya Hosokawa)
Fu Yu Bor Hong Chen
Cycle 2 Marco Del Pivo (Borja Yañez Carvajal) Guilherme Merjam Guillermo Loli Dagoberto Silva Minh Nguyen (Aiden Lamson) Ulysse Gagnon Paradis (Patrick Wu) N.A. James Wilkes Lucas Lim Yoshihiko Ikawa^ (Atsushi Nakashima) Muhan Yu Yeh Yun-Chen
Cycle 3 Mateo Ferreira (Ivan Errico) Jonathan Lobo Melamed Pedro Perrini Erick Manuel Lopez Basulto Adam Weiss (Chris Barone) Liam Hoban (Asha Mills Emmett) N.A. Brennan Crawford Richie Ong Kenta Harane (Rei Hirayama) Jianwei Liang Wei Chung Shi

Redundant invites are marked with ^.

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