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APAC (Asia-PACific) lands, also known as the Asian-Pacific Land Program (APLP), or just Asian Lands, are basic lands with alternate art that were available to people living in the Asia-Pacific region for buying boxes of Tempest. They were released in three boosters: red, blue, and clear. Released in 1998, they are well-known and their rarity fuels their demand. The beauty of the art on these lands, and the fact that they reference real world locations also increases their value. This was later repeated with the Euro lands.

List of illustrations[]

  • Red Booster
    • Plains — depicts Japan
    • Island — depicts Hong Kong
    • Swamp — depicts New Zealand
    • Mountain — depicts the Banaue Rice Terraces in the Philippines
    • Forest — depicts Japan
  • Blue Booster
  • Clear Booster
    • Plains — depicts Great Wall of China
    • Island — depicts Singapore
    • Swamp — depicts Indonesia
    • Mountain — depicts Mt. Fuji in Japan
    • Forest — depicts Korea