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Abbey Matrons
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Founded on Ulgrotha

Abbey Matrons are red-robed women of the city of Onella on Ulgrotha who enforce Aysen laws, sometimes using harsh punishments to ensure that children obey and grow up well behaved. They are only accountable to the Abbot of Onella, and, obviously, Serra.[1]

These women are responsible for the daily affairs of Onella. While a central council delegates responsibilities, matrons of all ages settle disputes, attend to the sick and injured of all Aysen, and work out agreements with traders and merchants. In particular, they hold the deciding votes in the trice-yearly bureaucratic councils attended by representatives from every community of Aysen, decide peacetime military issues, and oversee the operation of the Serra Aviary, in order to make sure that the young caretakers of the birds get strong doses of common sense and wisdom.

With the disappearance of Serra, the matrons have their hand full quashing rumors that Serra has died or abandoned Aysen, but even some of them are starting to have second thoughts on whether Serra is ever going to return to the Homelands.[2]

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