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Abomination of Llanowar
Abomination of Llanowar.jpg
Race Elf Horror
Birthplace Llanowar, Dominaria.
Lifetime Unknown

The Abomination of Llanowar is a horror elf formed by living and dead bodies of elves, who terrorizes the forest of Llanowar in Dominaria.


Deep within the heart of the Llanowar forest lay a dark, twisted morass of necromantic magic. Festering for centuries, it grew inward like a black hole of evil energy. It was eventually discovered by a Llanowar scout troop. A curious new recruit touched the dark tangle and it imploded, sucking the elves in and fusing them into an undead monstrosity. The second scout troop, sent to locate the first, didn't understand what they found until it was upon them. The monstrosity lunged at the elves with deceptive speed, pulling them, still alive, into the horrifying mass that made up its body. A single elf escaped, and that part of the forest was declared forbidden. While no sightings have been reported of the creature for many years, the tale of the Abomination of Llanowar remains a popular story around elven campfires.[1]

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