Lymph Sliver Future Sight

Last Used: Future Sight
Type: Static
Introduced: Future Sight
Category for Absorb.

Absorb is a keyword ability.

Reminder Text

(If a source would deal damage to a this creature, prevent X of that damage.)


It is an ability that was first released in Future Sight and is exclusive to Lymph Sliver.

It is an ability allowing a creature to "absorb" damage that would be dealt to it.

Comprehensive Rules

702.63. Absorb

  • 702.63a Absorb is a static ability. “Absorb N” means “If a source would deal damage to this creature, prevent N of that damage.”
  • 702.63b Each absorb ability can prevent only N damage from any one source at any one time. It will apply separately to damage from other sources, or to damage dealt by the same source at a different time.
  • 702.63c If an object has multiple instances of absorb, each applies separately.