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Adam Carthalion
Race Human
Birthplace Corondor, Dominaria
Lifetime ~3924-3964 AR.
The Shadow Mage comic

Adam Carthalion was of the influential Carthalion lineage; once a young shipping magnate and consultant to the leaders of Arathoxia, he later held the houses of Arathoxia together as Lord of Castle Melmereth of House Scarlet in Ephren on Corondor.

After he learned that Ravidel answered to a higher force bent on destroying Dominaria, and with time running out, Adam went on a quest to become a planeswalker in order to fight that threat. Ravidel even persuaded him to sacrifice his wife Gwendolyn Mor in exchange for power. Unknown to Adam, Ravidel was trying to destroy people who might one day stand in his way.

When Adam was about to sacrifice his infant son Jared to Ravidel, he backed out at the last moment. He instead entrusted his spellsquire Ezer with Jared and confronted Ravidel head-on in the Battle of Aster Fall. Adam then cast a mighty spell, intending to kill Ravidel. Though Adam sacrificed himself to fulfill the spell, Ravidel was only wounded.