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An Aerathi berserker. Art by Melissa Benson.

Aerathi is a former island nation of powerful and brutish warriors on Dominaria.

The Aerathi once lived on a free and proud island nation near Jamuraa, but the kentsu attacked it. When the Aerathi refused to surrender to the Madaran Empire the kentsu destroyed the entire island. The Aerathi were forced to serve in the kentsu itself and became the army's elite troops.

When Aerathi Berserker Jorgan Hage killed General Marhault Elsdragon and took his place as leader of the kentsu, many Aerathi were promoted. But not long afterwards Hage died in battle.

After Emperor Nicol Bolas was defeated by Tetsuo Umezawa the empire fell into chaos, with the Aerathi being one of the groups that wished to have freedom, or at least more power.

Notable Aerathi[]