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Aerona is the main continent of the Domains in Dominaria's northern hemisphere.[1] It was the site of many prerevisionist stories and featured prominently in the Weatherlight Saga as well. It derives its name from an ancient goddess of fertility who, according to legend, sacrificed herself to let people take crops from her body.[2]

Aerona contains three landmasses: Icehaven in the north, split from the other two by a small sea called the Rip; and North and South Aerona, which are connected by a small piece of land on which Hurloon is located.

Locations on Aerona[]


Ícehaven is the northernmost subcontinent of Aerona, split from the other parts by a small sea called the Rip. Icehaven is home to many small states, separated by this barren land's indigenous tribes of stone giants. The only two larger nations, Keld and Parma, are divided by a desolate waste. As implied by the name, Icehaven is notorious for its cold climate.

  • Keld, in the northern and western part of the continent
  • Parma, in the eastern part (much smaller than Keld)
  • Gurdurngs, in the south

North Aerona[]

The landmass south of the Rip and north of Hurloon. The climate in the northern part almost equals that of the subcontinent of Icehaven.

South Aerona[]

South-East Aerona[]

The seas around Aerona[]

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