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The aether (æther) is an energy residing in the Blind Eternities, although it is present in some planes to a lesser or greater degree.[1]

Description[ | ]

A law of reality asserts that its fundamental elements, like mana and aether — cannot be created or destroyed.[2]

The aether takes part in summoning creatures. When they materialize, they are pulled from the aether.[3][4][5] Raw aetheric matter is referred to as the very stuff of the cosmos.

Aethermages are usually white and blue mages who use aether magic, which tends to be involved with unsummoning creatures.[6] On Theros, the aether is of particular interest to Meletian scholars. Some of them believe that the aether is the realm of abstract entities, such as numbers, concepts, and theories.[7]

Aether is also a main component of etherium.[8] Additionally it is found on Iquatana, where it makes up most of the plane's atmosphere,[9] and on Kaladesh, where Aether shapes the natural world into swirling patterns and is harvested and refined in order to fuel the various constructs and inventions of its artificers. Aetherborn are created from this process. The wildlife of Kaladesh is affected too, attracted by the magnetic pull of aether. Flocks of birds migrate with it, schools of fish swarm around it, wild beasts battle over the richest deposits, and gremlins consume condensed, nonreactive aether geodes. Creatures such as skywhales, drakes, and high-flying birds have evolved to live in the volatile, energy-rich aethersphere itself, spending their lives basking in its radiance and amassing its magical power.[10]

A planeswalker's spark can be considered to be a little bit of aether which is imprinted on a soul as it becomes embodied in a being.[11][12]

Notes[ | ]

Although Wizards of the Coast used the ligature Æ — the A and E combined into one letter — since the beginning of the game, this was changed starting Kaladesh and Aether Revolt, which featured the stuff heavily. According to Blake Rasmussen, it caused way more issues than it was worth (particularly in translation).[13] The change is retroactive,[14] and was referenced in a flavor text erratum on the Unhinged card Bloodletter.

Aether is pronounced “EE-ther,” with a long e and an unvoiced “th” sound (like the one in “lethal,” not the voiced sound in “whether”).[15]

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References[ | ]

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