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AetherHub.png is a resource website for Magic: The Gathering where users can share decklists, look up metagame and card information, host tournaments, browse pricing trends and organize their collection. The slogan of AetherHub is "Your Hub for everything Magic".


Created by André Liverød and Magnus Gustavsen, the development and planning of the website started right after the first announcement of Magic: The Gathering Arena during Fall 2016. Starting out as a Magic tournament hosting platform, the site was launched in October 2017. Users could host local tournaments and have the webserver perform the pairings and calculate results. The page was mostly used for registering the weekly Draft tournaments Magnus and André played with friends.

After the initial release, the focus was to build a deck editor and browsing interface later named the DeckHub. By participating from the beginning of the Magic: The Gathering Arena Beta, André Liverød started streaming on on a daily basis. By engaging with the community and other streamers AetherHub got its initial traction by being known as an MTG Arena focused webpage where you could find MTGA specific decks.

Over the years AetherHub expanded into a feature-complete website and also released tools like an extension for Twitch for displaying decklists, and in January 2020 its own extension called MTGA Assistant.

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