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Affinity is a keyword ability.


It is a static ability that reduces the cost of a spell by Mana 1 for each permanent of a specific type that you control.


Alan is trying to cast a Frogmite and he currently controls three artifacts, because of affinity the Frogmite will cost just Mana 1, rather than the Mana 4 that it would normally cost.

Comprehensive Rules

702.40. Affinity

  • 702.40a. Affinity is a static ability that functions while the spell is on the stack. "Affinity for [text]" means "This spell costs you Mana 1 less to cast for each [text] you control."
  • 702.40b. The affinity ability reduces only the amount of generic mana a spell's controller has to pay; it doesn't reduce how much colored mana that player has to pay.
  • 702.40c. If a spell has multiple instances of affinity, each of them applies.