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Agents of Artifice
Publishing Information
Author(s) Ari Marmell
First printing February 2009
ISBN-13 978-0786951345
978-0786952403 (paperback)
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Alara Unbroken

Agents of Artifice is the first book in the "A Planeswalker Novel" series. It is written by Ari Marmell. It was published on January 25, 2009.


Of all the creatures in the Multiverse, only the planeswalkers know of its limitless expanse. Only the planeswalkers have the spark that allows them to travel through the aether between worlds, that chaotic medium between the planes known as the Blind Eternities...

Jace Beleren, a powerful sorcerer whose rare telepathic ability opens doors many would prefer closed, is at a crossroads: the decision he makes now will forever affect his path.

Tezzeret, the megalomaniacal leader of an interplanar cabal, marshals the powers of the Multiverse for his nefarious gain.

Liliana Vess, a mercurial necromancer whose dark beauty belies secrets still darker, has designs neither can predict.

Plot Summary[]

The novel centers on Jace Beleren's experiences after joining Tezzeret's consortium and subsequent training. He ultimately falls from grace from Tezzeret and the two duel, resulting in Jace wiping out Tezzeret's mind which now leaves the consortium in Nicol Bolas hands.

In many ways, this is Jace's origin story and his coming of age. He starts the story working the streets of Ravnica, using blackmail to make a living, then he joins the Infinite Consortium, where Tezzeret trains him to reach his potential as more than a simply talented mage. Jace, however, dislikes Tezzeret's strong-handed and heartless ways and runs away to hide on Ravnica.

Liliana Vess enters the story and Jace falls in love with her. She uses him to further her ends, pushing him to bring down Tezzeret and the consortium, which Jace does. In the end, Jace discovers her manipulation and that she is driven by a powerful deal she made with demons and against which she hopes to enlist Nicol Bolas' aid. He decides to forgive her and sets off to find a way to free her from her pact.

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The story refers to the following characters:

Items and Artifacts[]

The story refers to the following items and artifacts:

Special promotion[]

In selected stores of the American continent, buyers could request a promotional card of Jace Beleren featuring a alternate art using the book's cover.[1]


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