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Agyrem was the Ghost Quarter of Ravnica, where the ghosts of those who died lingered, instead of passing on.[1] The laws of the broken Guildpact remained effective there. It has been described as a "blister" on the plane of Ravnica.[2]

After the vampire parun Szadek had become a ghost, he took over the district, which had fused with the rest of Ravnica. Razia, who was the Boros guildmaster and parun, aboard the warship Parhelion flew into Agyrem through a rift called The Schism, to do battle with Szadek and his spectral army. In the ensuing battle Razia was killed, along with countless Boros angels.[3] After Agrus Kos apprehended Szadek, the vampire was banished into Agyrem, which was then magically laid on top of Ravnica due to The Schism being healed.

The overlay of Agyrem remained on Ravnica until the Mending, when the Ravnican ghost-world anomaly was dissolved, and the trapped spirits were able to pass on to the aether.[4] What remains from the Ghost Quarter has been reduced three times in size.[5]

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