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Akiri, Fearless Voyager.jpg
Race Kor
Birthplace Zendikar
Lifetime Mending Era
Commander 2016

Akiri, Aki for friends, is a legendary Kor warrior and ally from Zendikar.[1][2] She is arguably the greatest line-slinger on Zendikar, blazing new trails and surviving falls that would prove fatal to anyone else.[3]


Akiri once guided a Kor band of soldiers, but she struck out on her own after an Eldrazi attack killed her comrades. After the awakening of Ulamog, she used her line-slinging expertise to safeguard travelers from the Eldrazi Titan. Among them was the merfolk Zareth San whom Akiri saved during the destruction of Sea Gate and who eventually became her lover and trusted friend.[4] Death wouldn't catch Akiri off-guard (or so she thought.) She believed preparation and self-reliance were the keys to survival in a hostile world, and they kept her alive for a while. Even in a fight with the serpent Verazol. [5]

After the defeat of the Eldrazi, Akiri left the soldiering business and found herself involved with the reconstruction of Sea Gate. She fell in with a party of adventurers who struck forth in search of rare materials needed to complete the city. Connecting with Zareth San and other adventurers helped her open up once more, and her desire to fend for herself slowly became a desire to protect those closest to her. Sea Gate completed, she became a member of the Sea Gate Expeditionary House. She, Zareth San, Kaza, and Orah were hired to travel with Nahiri to the Murasa Skyclave to find the Lithoform Core.[2]

At Murasa, Kaza and Orah were accidentally separated from their friends. The remaining members of the party found the Lithoform Core that Nahiri quickly used to defeat an attacking elemental, but which also killed Zareth San in the blast. Realizing the power of the artifact threatened life itself, Akiri threatened to drop the Core over the edge of the floating ruin. With her lithomancy, Nahiri used a hedron to paralyze Akiri, and then took back the artifact, and pushed Akiri over the edge.[6][7]

After a long fall, Akiri was saved by Nissa Revane and Jace Beleren who had been making their way up to the Skyclave on a thorn ladder.[8] Before returning to the ground, they witnessed Nahiri leaving the Skyclave. Jace determined that Nahiri was going to the Singing City, and Nissa immediately left the party behind to pursue the lithomancer. Jace didn't know the way and asked for help. Akiri was distrustful of the mythical "walkers" but decided to guide Jace to the Singing City anyway. In return, he pointed out the location of Kaza and Orah to her.

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Red Route Miguel Lopez 2020-09-04 Zendikar Rising Zendikar Akiri, Zareth San
Episode 2: Race to the Murasa Skyclave A. T. Greenblatt 2020-09-09 Zendikar Rising Zendikar Akiri, Jace Beleren, Kaza, Kesenya, Nahiri, Nissa Revane, Orah, Zareth San
The Magosi Steps Miguel Lopez 2020-09-10 Zendikar Rising Zendikar Zareth San, Akiri, Verazol
Episode 3: The Dangerous Climb, The Long Fall A. T. Greenblatt 2020-09-16 Zendikar Rising Zendikar Akiri, Kaza, Nahiri, Orah, Zareth San
Episode 4: Of Haunting Songs and Whispered Warnings A. T. Greenblatt 2020-09-23 Zendikar Rising Zendikar Akiri, Ashaya, Jace Beleren, Nahiri, Nissa Revane

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