MTG Wiki
Race Wolf (altered)
Birthplace Tangle, Mirrodin
Lifetime Unknown
The Darksteel Eye

Al-Hayat was a rare ancient talking wolf from the forests of Mirrodin. He had seen the creation of the blue, black, and red moons of Mirrodin.


Al-Hayat had long been opposed to the levelers and it was through the intervention of his diminished race that the myr and Memnarch’s other servants did not enter the Tangle. With Al-Hayat's help, Glissa Sunseeker located Slobad who had been buried alive by an oversized beetle. After Slobad's rescue, Al-Hayat vowed to help Glissa rid Mirrodin of Memnarch's reign of tyranny. Accompanied by the giant wolf, the group set off for the Mephidross.

In the Vault of Whispers thay assembled the Kaldra Champion which rained destruction on the Vedalken and levelers alike. The presence of the Champion brought much inspiration and hope into Glissa's allies and soon, the day was won. Victory was won, but at the price of many dead. One of those was Al-Hayat. The great wolf had been mortally wounded by the onslaught of leveler blades and Vedalken halberds. Though he could have healed minor injuries with his forest magic, the injuries he sustained were too great to heal. Several minutes after the victory, Al-Hayat was taking his last breaths. With the last of his energy, the ancient wolf bade Glissa to liberate Mirrodin from Memnarch.