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A castle of Alaborn. Art by Fred Fields.
Plane Dominaria
Part of Caliman
Status Unknown

A knight of Alaborn. Art by Henry Van Der Linde.

Alaborn was a highly advanced human kingdom on the southern plains of Caliman on Dominaria. The capital was Trokin, a town famous for its festival. The folk of Alaborn were among the only Dominarians known to use firearms, and their military inventions saved them from complete destruction when they encountered the goblins of the mountains and their peaceful existence came to an end. Alaborn had a highly egalitarian society, and men and women alike served with distinction in its military.

Shortly before the Phyrexian Invasion of Dominaria, the forces of Alaborn battled the swamp queen Tojira. It is unknown if Alaborn's culture survived the Invasion.

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