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Alara Unbroken
Alara Unbroken.jpg
Publishing Information
Author(s) Doug Beyer
First printing May 2009
ISBN-13 978-0786952014
Preceded By
Agents of Artifice
Followed By
The Purifying Fire

Alara Unbroken is the Alara block novel written by Doug Beyer. It was published on May 5, 2009.


The plane of Alara split into five shards many centuries ago, each shard developing into a distinct world governed by its primary magical energy—a sunlit kingdom, a hierarchy of artifice, a realm of the undead, a dragon-scoured hell, and a jungle paradise. Now, as the planes begin to realign and merge once more, an ancient evil seizes the opportunity to gain power from the chaos.

As the shards of Alara erupt into war, the fierce leonin planeswalker Ajani Goldmane struggles to bring justice and resolution to his brother's death. Noble champions Rafiq of the Many and Elspeth Tirel search for the source of the chaos that has invaded their once ordered world. And Sarkhan Vol, planeswalker and dragon-shaman, discovers a primeval power that may be worthy of his reverence—but deadly to Alara.

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