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Commander Alaric
Race Human
Birthplace Benalia, Dominaria
Rath and Storm

Commander Alaric was the superior of Gerrard Capashen in the Benalish army on Dominaria.


Alaric was a pure, efficient soldier, who had served over twenty years in the armies of Benalia. When Gerrard had abandoned the Weatherlight crew and came to Benalia, Alaric was the first person to test him.

Gerrard climbed through the ranks of the Benalish army to earn a high position of master-at-arms. At a certain moment the local assassin's guild, led by Lord Kastan, began to seek its recruits in the military. Gerrard discovered that Kastan was collaborating with Commander Alaric. The two had been plotting to get rid of Gerrard from the beginning, seeing him as a threat to their authority. Together with the minotaur Tahngarth Gerrard stopped the infiltrations by slaying both Kastan and Alaric. With his faith in the Benalish military strained to the breaking point, Gerrard agreed to rejoin Weatherlight.

Seeking information about the abduction of captain Sisay, the Weatherlight crew found themselves at the estate of the deceased Alaric, located in the middle of the desert. Here, Maraxus of Keld and his troops were keeping captive Starke, the only man with information about Rath. In the battle that followed, Tahngarth and Crovax rescued Starke.