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Alchemy: Eldraine

Alchemy: Eldraine
Alchemy Eldraine logo
Set Information
Set symbol
Symbol description A24
Design Donald Smith, Jr (lead), Andy Clautice, Ben Finkel, David McDarby, Eliana Rabinowitz, JC Tao
Release date October 10, 2023
Plane Eldraine
Set size 30
Expansion code A24[1], Y24 (MTG Arena), YWOE (Scryfall)[2]
MTG Arena series
Shadows over Innistrad Remastered Alchemy: Eldraine Alchemy: Ixalan
Magic: The Gathering Chronology
Secret Lair Drop Series: Spookydrop 2023 Alchemy: Eldraine Doctor Who

Alchemy: Eldraine is a MTG Arena-exclusive card set in the Alchemy-series that was released on October 10, 2023.[3][4]

Description[ | ]

Alchemy: Eldraine is a digital only release adjacent to the release of Wilds of Eldraine. There are 30 new designed-for-digital cards included in the set (10 uncommons, 15 rares, 5 mythic rares). All of the cards are set on Eldraine.[5]

Mechanics[ | ]

The digital-only mechanics Conjure, Double team, Perpetually, Seek and Spellbook are reused. From the main set, Bargain, Celebration and the Wicked Role are used.[6]

Drover of the Swine, Porcine Portent and Swine Rebellion are the first cards to share a spellbook, and introduce named spellbooks.

The set re-introduces Fetch counters for the first time since Commander 2020. Boons are modified so they can be used multiple times and the previously existing versions are re-titled "One-time boon".[7] Alchemy: Eldraine doesn't make use of this new format but does contain the first instances of one-time boons.

List of exclusive digital only cards[ | ]

List of cards that can be conjured[ | ]

List of cards in Spellbooks[ | ]

Giant Secrets[ | ]

Three Pigs[ | ]

Used by Drover of the Swine, Porcine Portent and Swine Rebellion.

Tome of Gadwick[ | ]

Notable cards[ | ]

Misprints[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

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