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Alexis Janson was the winner of the first Great Designer Search. She won a six-month internship at Wizards of the Coast, which led to a full-time position, but not in R&D. Alexis became a Senior Lead Developer for Magic Online and, among other things, she is responsible for overseeing the team that codes all the online cards. As of March 2015, she is the Principal Software Developer of Wizards of the Coast .



Before Magic[]

Janson received a two-year degree in Information Technology, and did computer programming and consulting for a living. Janson was the most notable member of Software Visions. Having done several ZZT releases, most notably STK, Code Red and Mission:Enigma, Janson made a shareware game called Labyrinth of Zeux in 1993. After apparent success, Janson went on to design a GCS much like an expanded ZZT; calling it "MegaZeux", as the built-in game(s) were sequels of Labyrinth.

Soon after completing the seminal MZX game Weirdness, Janson left the community. The quoted reasons were "personal reasons" and "college". However, some semi-recent conversation hints that annoyance with the MZX community played a large factor. Janson wasn't seen again until 1999, when she entered the Easter 1999 Day of Zeux as tromdage and gained third place with her entry Rush, only to disappear shortly after.

Janson started showing up in #zeuxworld in 2004 under the nicks "tromdage", and later "alexis" and "anonymous"; stucking to IRC.

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