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All-Consuming Oni of Chaos
Race Kami
Birthplace Kamigawa
Heretic: Betrayers of Kamigawa, Guardian: Saviors of Kamigawa

The All-Consuming Oni of Chaos was the mightiest of the oni on Kamigawa; in fact a counterpart to O-Kagachi. Whereas O-Kagachi embodied the barrier between mortal and spirit world, the order and the preservation, the All-Consuming embodied chaos, decay, hunger and destruction.


His most devout worshipper was the ogre shaman Hidetsugu. He invoked him from time to time to feed in living kami sacrifices. The All-Consuming manifested itself as a black cloud consisting of disembodied jaws with sharp teeth.

When Hidetsugu attacked Minamo when exacting the revenge upon the academy and its masters, he also summoned the All-Consuming. The oni fed on the living and dead academics, and then on its wisdom and knowledge that was hidden in the library scrolls and the academy artifacts. He also tried to claim That Which Was Taken, left in Minamo by Toshi Umezawa, but was repelled by the disk itself and then banished from the room by Toshi.

O-Kagachi manifested itself near Minamo, drawn by the presence of his stolen offspring. The jaws of All-Consuming fought Konda's spectral warriors, who arrived with the daimyo, drawn to the academy by the very same thing as the Great Serpent. When O-Kagachi closed in Minamo, the All-Consuming manifested itself also in the full glory, as a huge black cloud of jaws with three giant yellow eyes and horns, the trademarks of all oni. He challenged and attacked the Great Serpent, but O-Kagachi almost effortlessly tore him in half and swallowed the torn part. The All-Consuming fled the battlefield and disappeared.

Hidetsugu, enraged by his patron's craven scampering away from the greatest possible fight, asked Toshi to transport him into the honden of the All-Consuming, saying that if his god did not live up to his expectations, he was going to make him suffer. Toshi granted him this last favor. It is unknown how it happened, but later is revealed that Hidetsugu somehow consumed the All-Consuming into a new flesh-and-spirit creature. It is presumed that he still embodies the necessary chaos counterpart to Kamigawa's order embodied by the Sisters of Flesh and Spirit, though, quite possibly, on more friendly terms with them.

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