Allison "Alli" Steele (née Medwin) was an employee of Wizards of the Coast from July 2013 to May 2021.[1][2]


Steele started out as Customer Service Representative. In December 2013 she became part of the Delta Team for Magic: The Gathering R&D, writing and editing text for Magic-branded games, both digital and paper.[3][4][5] She also designed UX requirements for digital Magic games and liaised between departments.

In June 2018 she became Digital Product Manager for Magic Online and remained in that position for the rest of her time at Wizards of the Coast.

She sometimes also participated in design teams and other design exercises, with her card designs seeing print in sets from Eldritch Moon to Throne of Eldraine.

Steele illustrated the Mystery Booster test cards Animate Spell and Smelt // Herd // Saw.

After leaving Wizards of the Coast, she accepted a position at Blizzard Entertainment as a game designer for World of Warcraft.





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