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Kingdom of Almaaz
Plane Dominaria
Part of Terisiare
Status Fallen
Formerly part of Terisiare (nation)
Later part of Erg

Almaaz was a powerful kingdom and the only surviving ‘nation’ on the continent of Terisiare on Dominaria that dated from before the The Brothers' War.

It was located in the southwestern portion of Terisiare.[1] It was bordered by the South Sea.[2]



Almaaz before the War was both a nation and a culture that spread over the southwestern portion of Terisiare. Some say it was a place of rich culture and fine craftsmanship.

The Brothers' War[]

Almaazan songmages that lived in the capital city Sumifa offered their powers to the Fallaji Empire in the war to avoid the destruction of their nation. Ashnod was sent to Almaaz by Mishra to oversee iron and lumber harvesting afterwards, although civil war eventually broke out.[3]

Advent of the Ice Age[]

After the Brothers' War, then the Time of the Erg Raiders came. Almaazan cities was attacked by dune raiders or thirst-crazed military tribes. During Ice Age, most of Almaaz was ruled by the Glacial Kingdom of ancient ice beings called the Rigida.[4]

After the Ice Age[]

After the Ice Age, Almaaz was refounded.[5] By that time, Terisiare was broken up into several islands.

Known locations[]

  • The Erg Desert in to the west.[6]
  • Sumifa, the capital.
  • The Borderlands

Notes and references[]

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