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Plane Dominaria
Part of Almaaz
Formerly part of Fallajia

Almaaz was a powerful kingdom and the only surviving ‘nation’ on the continent of Terisiare on Dominaria that dated from before the The Brothers' War.


After the Ice Age, the ancient kingdom of Almaaz was refounded.[1] By that time, Terisiare was broken up into several islands.

The culture of the New Sumifans annexed the then abandoned city, and became its primary occupants. It is possible that the later Phyrexian Invasion and the events thereafter may have once more brought ruin to the area. The song-mage Thabit of Almaaz played an important role in the rebellion of Epityr against Sheoltun.[2]

Known locations[]

Notes and references[]

  1. Not much is known about it, but the following blurb about dating systems reveals that Almaaz was around after 3000 A.R.: The third dating system is the centralized Common Era (CE). This dating system is used on Almaaz, the oldest surviving Terisian nation (having existed for over 4000 years west of Argive). Common Era’s 0 dating is around 3000 AR or so-making it a very modern calendar. Indeed, Common Era was established by the New Sumifans, the current culture reigning over Almaaz. Source: Teri McLaren (1996) Song of Time, Harper Prism
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