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God of Wisdom
Race God
Birthplace Kaldheim

Alrund is the blue-aligned god of Wisdom and the Cosmos from Kaldheim.[1][2] He sometimes disguises as the human Asi.[3]


Alrund appears an an bald, old man with one eye and a grey beard.[3] He has a Cosmic raven, Hakka, who flies into all realms to collect knowledge.[4]


Alrund was born wise, but that meant he was wise enough to know that he didn't know everything. So, in his youth, he undertook a quest to become the wisest being in all the realms.

When the Cosmos monsters came into being, all the secrets of the world—including events that had not yet happened—were locked away inside their minds. By making every Cosmos monster submit to him one by one over the course of centuries, Alrund was able to take their secrets from them. Much to his disappointment, this long quest did not make him truly omniscient, enlightening as it was. Kaldheim still holds secrets he hasn't learned.

Depending on his mood, Alrund wavers between distinct personalities. When he's pondering something important, he is distant and speaks only in insufferable, maddening riddles. But when he's happy and relaxed, he is excellent company: an accomplished storyteller and entertainer who loves a good feast.[5]

As Asi, he joined up with Inga Rune-Eyes and the planeswalker Kaya to hunt an extremely dangerous monster that already had caused destruction on the plane.[3] This turned out to be none other than Vorinclex, one of New Phyrexia's 's praetors. Reaching Aldergard forest, the party engaged Vorinclex who almost managed to defeat them if not for Alrund revealing himself and using his magic to create a mystical barrier between Vorinclex and Inga's people and the praetor left Bretagard, with Kaya soon following.

Story appearances

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Episode 1: Travelers Roy Graham with contributions by Jenna Helland 2021-01-07 Kaldheim Kaldheim Kaya, Inga, Alrund

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  • Alrund is based on Odin, the ruler of the Aesir gods in Norse mythology, who sent his ravens Huginn and Muninn to collect knowledge.
  • Mímir can be another deity of knowledge used as inspiration for the character.


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